Англійська мова 6 клас - Несвіт Алла

Unit 5. Travelling


Lesson 1.


1.   a) Look at the pictures and say how people can get from one place to another.

Example: People can get from one place to another by plane.

by plane                  by train                    by bus

by car                    by ship                     on foot

2. Work in pairs. Talk about different means of travelling. Use the words in the box given below.

• fast • slow • cheap • expensive •


A: I think travelling by train is slower than by plane.

В: I agree with you. Travelling by plane is the fastest way of travelling.


3.   Read and complete the text with the missing parts (A-F).

People are fond of travelling. They can travel by plane or train, (1)…        by ship or (2)… Large ships, modern aeroplanes and comfortable trains carry passengers (3) …to another. Railway stations and airports are always busy places in summer and (4)… People pack their lug gage into their suitcases, bags or rucksacks. They hurry to visit their relatives or friends. Travelling is very pleasant and interesting. We go sightseeing (5)… and visit well-known cathedrals, museums, theatres and cinemas. We enjoy nature and learn more about (6)…       

Travel broadens the mind!

A in different cities

В by car or bus

С people’s traditions

D on foot

E on holidays

F from one place

4. Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions.

1. Why do people travel?

2. What are the most popular means of travelling?

3. Where do people pack their luggage?

4. What do people learn about while travelling?


5. Play a game. Look at the pictures in Ex. 1, p. 61. Choose one means of transport. Don’t name it. Tell your classmates a sentence about it. Let them guess what it is.


It is a very comfortable way of travelling. It’s very fast. You don’t have to carry your luggage with you. Etc.

6. Write a paragraph about your favourite means of travelling. Use the questions given below to help you.

•    Do you like to travel?

•    What means of travelling do you like best of all?

•    When was the last time you travelled?

•    Did you enjoy your travels? Why?


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