Англійська мова 6 клас - Несвіт Алла

Unit 5. Travelling


Lesson 2.


1. Look at the pictures and say how they travel around the city and how much time it takes them to get there.


Ann goes to school by bus. It takes her 20 minutes to get there.

• Ann / school / by bus / 20 minutes

• Miss Alison / the theatre / by underground / half an hour

• Mr Parker / the hospital / by car / 40 minutes

• Jim / by bike


2. Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions as in the example. Use the words from the box given below.


A: Can I ask you a few questions, please?

B: Sure.

A: How do you get to school?

B: By underground.

A: And your best friend?

B: He goes to school on foot.

A: And one last question - how long does it take you to get there? B: It takes me nearly half an hour to get there.

• school • the Zoo • a museum • a square • a market place •    a supermarket •


3. You and your classmates are planning a trip to London.

a) Work in groups. Study the word combinations in the box on page 99. Take turns to share your ideas about this trip. Agree or disagree.

• meet children of your age • use the language • go sightseeing eat different food • learn about a different culture • buy souvenirs • make new friends •


A: When I travel to London, I can meet children of my age and make new friends.

B: That’s right, you can also go sightseeing a lot.


4.    Read what Ann thinks about going on a trip to another country.

Travelling somewhere is a good idea. We can learn about a different culture and meet new friends. We can use English in real situations.

It’s important to be ready for a trip. My parents try to find some information about the country we are going to. We read about the country’s famous places, people and culture.

But sometimes there are some negative things. For example, the weather is rainy.

It’s not always pleasant to walk under the rain! I also have to buy souvenirs for my relatives and friends. It’s difficult for me!

But, anyway, travelling is a great experience. You can find new friends and get new skills.


5. Agree or disagree.

1.   Ann always worries about the coming trip.

     2.  Ann tries to know something about the country she’s going to visit.

3.   Ann thinks that travelling is a good way to meet new faces.

4.   Ann says that while travelling you can learn new life skills.


    6.  Tell your classmates about the main advantages of going to another country. Use Ex. 3 as a model. Start like this:

Nowadays many students go on school trips. They visit the towns and cities around Ukraine and some are lucky to go to another country. Etc.

7.    Write a paragraph for a school English language magazine. Include the following:

•    inform the readers about the next school trip;

•    say how you are going to travel;

•    write what places you are going to visit.

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