Англійська мова 6 клас - Несвіт Алла

Unit 1. My Family and Friends


Lessons 2-3.


1. Work in pairs. Look at the pictures and talk about them. Use the questions given below.

1. What do the family members do together?

2. How often do the relatives usually meet?

3. Is it important to keep family traditions? Why?


2. Listen and read. Find and say who helped Tom with his project.

A Family Tree Project

One day Tom told his class his family story. He made a nice family tree. His classmates were interested in the project.

Tom said, «It’s always been my dream to learn more about my family. So, I had a talk with my parents and grandparents. My aunts and uncles helped, too. They gave me interesting photographs. My grandparents found some old letters.»

«What did you do after that?» Betsy asked him.

«I used my notes to make a chart. I started with my birthplace and my date of birth. Then I drew connecting lines to my parents, then my grandparents and so on. I wrote their birthplaces and dates of birth.»

Mrs Tyler said, «On Monday you’ll draw your family trees and tell us your family story. I think it will be very interesting. Please, bring some of your family photos and your notes.»

3.   Read the text of Ex. 2 again and order the sentences.

____ A Ask your relatives for some interesting photographs.

____ В Try to find old letters.

____ С Talk to your parents and grandparents.

____ D Use your notes to make a chart.

____ E Write your birthplace and date of birth.


4. Look at the picture of a family tree on page 14 and talk about Mrs Tyler’s relatives. Use the prompts given below.

      1…. are Mrs Tyler’s parents.

      2…. are Mrs Tyler’s grandparents.

      3…. aunt and uncle.

      4…. cousins.

      5…. a sister and a brother.

      6…. nieces and nephews.

      7…. wife.

      8…. husband.


Grammar Lab

Read and compare.

Old — older (старший за віком) - the oldest (найстарший за віком)

Old — elder (старший за народженням у родині) - the eldest (найстарший у родині)

1. Mary is two years older than Jim. / Mary is older than Jim by two years.

2. My granddad is the oldest member of the family.

1. There are three children in our family. My elder brother is Tom. My elder sister is Kate. Steve is the eldest child.

My elder sister is three years older than me. Maria is the eldest daughter. (Вона раніше всіх народилася.) Helen is the oldest child. (Їй найбільше років.)


 5. Choose the correct item to complete the sentences.

1. Ann’s older / elder sister lived in Great Britain last year.

2. Whose grandmother is older / elder - yours or Ivan’s?

3. Victoria is the oldest / eldest student in our class.

4. Is Peter your older / elder or younger brother?

5. My uncle is the oldest / eldest member of the family.

6. My cousin is two years older / elder than me.

Conversation Lab


6. Read and complete the dialogue with the information about Julia’s family. Then act it out.

Ann: Hi, I’m Ann. What’s your name?

Julia: Julia.

Ann: Nice to meet you, Julia! What class are you in?


Ann: Really? Olesia is in that class, too. Do you like our school Dancing Club?


Ann: Is it your first year in …  ?

Julia:…… I came to …. from……. My father has got a job here.

Ann: Have you got any brothers or sisters?

Julia: Yes,……. And I’ve also got……

Ann: Do you like dancing?

Julia: Yes, I do. And I’m also interested in…

Ann: That’s nice. Enjoy your time in Kyiv!


7. Write about your friend’s family. Start like this:

I’ve got a new friend. His / Her name is………… He / She is from but he / she is living in now.

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