Англійська мова 6 клас - Несвіт Алла

Unit 5. Travelling


Lesson 4.


1.    Look at the pictures given below and say which items:

… are perfect in cold weather?

… are good to wear when it is hot and sunny?

… are perfect for the beach?

… can you wear in winter / in summer?

shorts              gloves              boots              a blouse

sandals             a dress              a hat            a swimsuit

jeans              a T-shirt            a skirt            a sweater


2.    Look at the photo on page 103. Answer the questions given below.

• What can you see?

• Where are the people?

• What are they doing?

3. Ann and her mum are getting ready to go to Cracow. Read and listen to the dialogue. Say what things they have mentioned in their conversation.

Ann: Mum, are you going to take trainers?

Mum: Yes, I’ve already packed them.

Ann: Should I take my new shoes?

Mum: No, you shouldn’t take too much luggage. You’d better take your walking shoes! We’re going to do a lot of sightseeing. Ann: OK.

(In a few minutes.)

Ann: Mum, we haven’t written the luggage labels yet. Should I do that?

Mum: Sure. I need to find our plane tickets and our passports, too. Ann: Here they are. On the table.

Mum: OK. I’ll put them in my hand luggage.


4. Answer the questions.

1. Where are Mum and Ann going?

2. Does Ann know anything about the coming trip?

3. Have they packed their luggage yet?

4. Have they written the luggage labets yet?

5. Where will Mum put their plane tickets and passports?


Grammar Lab: Using should

Should means «This is a good idea. This is a good piece of advice.» We use the simple form of a verb after should:

You should take warm clothes with you.

Negative: should not = shouldn’t:

You shouldn’t take so much luggage with you. The trip is not long.


5. Read and give some advice to the children. Use should.


6.  Complete the sentences with should or shouldn’t. Write them down.

1. Your plane leaves at 10.00. You …..  (to get) to the airport by 8.00.

2. When you go to London, you….. (to visit) Westminster Abbey.

3. You ……..  (to waste) your money on things you don’t need.

4. If you travel by underground in London, you… (to remember) to press the button on the door to open it.

5. You……… (to walk) alone in a new city. You can easily get lost.

6. You……… (to keep) an eye on your personal belongings. Someone can steal them.

7. Your English-speaking friend is coming to Ukraine in spring. Write an email to him I her. In your email:

* say that you are glad that he I she is coming soon;

* say what clothes he I she should take with him / her;

* write what places you are going to visit.

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