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Unit 5. Travelling


Lesson 5.


1.   Listen and repeat. Match the pictures to the definitions given below.

a travel document          a passport             a return ticket

a single ticket              a bus pass                  a token

• An official document with a photograph and some personal information which a child must have while travelling;

• in the UK, a ticket for travel to a place and then back again;

• a document which gives you the right to travel on a public bus;

• an official document with a photograph and some personal information for a citizen of any country travelling abroad;

• a thing that you need to travel by underground;

• a small piece of paper or a card given to a passenger to show that they have paid for one journey.


2. Read and complete the sentences. Use the words from Ex. 1.

1. While travelling by underground in Kyiv, you should buy……

It costs two hryvnias.

2. It’s better to buy a weekly……… It’ll be cheaper to travel by bus then.

3. May I have a return…….. to Birmingham, please?

4. Mum, have you seen my travel…. ? - Here it is, in your handbag.

5. There’s no need to buy……. I don’t know how long I’ll stay there.

6. You should buy ……..  if you want to save some money on train trips.


3. a) Listen and match the dialogues (1-4) to the pictures (A-D).

b) Work in pairs. Act out similar dialogues.


A: I think the quickest way to get there is by underground. B: You’re quite right. Let’s buy two tokens then.

A: Oh no! There is a queue there.

B: We can buy tokens from the token machine.

A: Great!


A: One single to Trafalgar Square, please. B: One pound fifty, please.

A: Here you are.

B: Your ticket and your change, please.

A: Thank you.


Assistant: Next please.

Mrs Parker: Hi. How much is a ticket to Leeds? Assistant: Return or single?

Mrs Parker: Return, please.

Assistant: Let me see. That’s £42.00.

Mrs Parker: And what time is the next train?

Assistant: The next train is at half past three.

Mrs Parker: OK, I’d like two return tickets to Leeds, please - one for adult and one for a child.

Assistant: That’s £72.00.

Mrs Parker: Here you are.

Assistant: Here’s your change and tickets. Have a nice journey. Mrs Parker: Thanks.


A: Fares, please!

B: Two tickets, please.

A: That’s three hryvnias.

B: Here you are.

A: Do you want me to punch your tickets?

B: Yes, please.

A: Your tickets and your change.

B: Thank you.


4.  Work in groups. Read the Internet pages. Answer the questions given below.

1. What means of transport is this webpage for?

2. Which kind of information can you get from this webpage?

3. How long is the journey time?

4. Which details do you need to know?

The bus service between London and Oxford is excellent. Buses run up to every 10 minutes, 24 hours a day. The journey time is 100 minutes.

Buses to Oxford run from Victoria Coach Station Gate 10, and Buckingham Palace Road outside Victoria Station. They arrive at Gloucester Green Station. They also stop at other locations on the way into Oxford.

You can book a return fare for just 1.50 GBP each way. Book in advance to get cheap fares.


There is a regular train service from London to Oxford. The trains run from 6:00 am to midnight during the week. The journey time from London to Oxford is normally 60 minutes for direct services. Trains from London to Oxford run from Paddington Station. The train arrives at Oxford Station. It is a five minute walk to Oxford City centre.

You can travel from London to Oxford for just 4 GBP one way if you book in advance online.

You will have to pay 18 GBP if you buy your ticket at the station on the day of your trip.


5. Speak in class. Share the information you’ve read with your classmates. Answer your friends’ questions.

 Conversation Lab


6.    Say what documents and tickets you should have I buy when:

• you are travelling by bus;

• you are travelling by underground;

• you are travelling with your parents by plane;

• you are travelling by taxi;

• you are travelling by train.


7.    Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form. Write.

 Since ancient times people (1) … (to dream) of flying in the sky. At first people (2)…………………………… flew in a hot air balloon, and it (3)… (to be) a great victory. In the 20th century aeroplanes (4)… (to appear). The first aeroplanes were small and (5)…(can / not / to fly) very far. Nowadays the engineers (6) … (to make) very big planes. They (7)… (can / to fly) a long distance and (8)… (to carry) passengers from one city to another and from one country to another. And it (9)… (not / to take) them much time. Travelling to England, for example, (10) … (to last) for three and a half hours and you can reach the USA in ten hours. People who travel by plane (11)… (to arrive) at the airport. A traveller has to come two hours earlier to the airport if he (12) ….(not / to want) to miss the plane, and to get everything ready on time.

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