Англійська мова 6 клас - Несвіт Алла

Unit 5. Travelling


Lesson 6.


1. Look at the photos. Answer the questions.

1. Have you ever travelled by train?

2. Where did you go?

3. Who did you go with?

4. Did you like your trip?


2.  Listen, read and act out the dialogue.

Molly: How are we going to travel, Mum?

Mrs Parker: We are going to travel by train.

Molly: And where do the trains stop?

Mrs Parker: They stop at the railway stations. Hurry up, Molly! We must get there in time before the train starts. If we are late, we can miss the train. All the passengers must take their seats in time.

Molly: Can I have a seat by the window?

Mrs Parker: Sure.


3. Ask and answer the questions.

1. Where do the trains stop?

2. Why do the passengers usually hurry up?

3. What happens to a person who is late for the train?

4. When must the passengers take their seats?

5. Have you ever travelled by train?

6. What did you like about your trip?

Conversation Lab


4. Work in two groups. Have a class discussion. Talk about pros and cons of travelling by train. Use the table given below.


Group A: Travelling by train is the most comfortable means of travelling.

Group B: Travelling by train is very slow.


Group A: For

Group B: Against

1. We can go by train in any weather.

2. We can travel comfortably in a sleeping-car.

3. It is easy to get to the railway station.


1. The trip is very long.

2. The speed is not fast.

3. Sometimes the tracks are bad.



5.  Read and complete the sentences. Use the words from the box given below.

• travel • slower • could • read • dining-car • fields • compartment • summer •

Travelling by train is (1) ……..  than by plane. But Mary likes to (2)……………………………………….. by train. She went to her grandmother by train last (3)… Her train was comfortable with a (4)      She (5)……………………………………….. see beautiful (6)… and forests through the (7)… window and she (8)… books.

6.  Write about your travels by train. Use the words: to go for a trip, a fast train, a slow train, to make new friends, a sleeping-car, a dining-car, to look through the window, to read books.


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