Англійська мова 6 клас - Несвіт Алла

Unit 5. Travelling


Lesson 7.


1. Listen and repeat. Compare the things in the photos with the ones in Ukraine. Are they the same or different? What differences are there?


The bus stops are similar in the UK and in Ukraine. But I think that the streets are much cleaner in London.

a bus stop                            a noticeboard

the underground map                 a ticket machine


Reading Lab: Jigsaw Reading


2. Work in two groups. Read one of the texts from a guidebook and take notes to answer the questions. Then share the information with another group.

1. What is special about this means of transport in London?

2. How do you know where this means of transport goes?

3. Where can you buy a ticket?

4. What surprised you most about this means of transport?

Group A. London Buses

If you are on holiday in London: travel by bus. London buses are called doubledeckers. They have a bus driver and sometimes a conductor. Look at the sign on the front, on the side or on the back of the bus to know where the bus is going. Read the noticeboard at the bus stop to know the stops on the bus route.

When you get on the bus, show your bus pass to the driver or buy a ticket from him. Keep it till the end of your trip!

Group В. London Underground (Tube)

You can get to most places in London very quickly by underground (Tube). There are many lines on the London Underground. So it’s better to get an underground map when you get into an underground station. All the lines are of different colours on the map. Buy a ticket from the ticket office at the underground station, or from a ticket machine. Keep the ticket till the end of your journey!


3. Work in pairs. Take turns to ask and answer the questions.

1. How should you travel around London? Why?

2. What is unusual about travelling on London buses?

3. What is the underground? What do you know about travelling by this means of transport?


4.   Read and choose the correct item.

1. Look at the sign on the front, the side or the back of the bus to find out

A when to get off В where the bus is going С how much the ticket is

2. When you …….  the bus, the bus driver says, «Fares, please.»

A get on   В get off  С get on

3. You can get to most places in London very quickly………

A by underground (Tube) В on foot С by bus

4. on the underground different colours on the map.

A Some of the lines В Two of the lines С All the lines

Conversation Lab: A Monologue


5.   Speak in class. Read and act out one of the situations.

1. You are in London for the first time. You want to see the city. What means of transport will you choose and why?

2. You were at a summer language school in London. Tell your classmates how you travelled in the morning and went home in the afternoon.


6.   Complete the sentences with too, to or two. Write.

1. Our class is going……… the railway station.

2. When we get back ……  school, we will draw pictures of aero-planes.

3. John likes travelling by bike and by car,……..

4. The train leaves / arrives at……. o’clock.

5. We want………. show these photos.. our friends.

6. It takes ……..  much time …  get there on foot.

7. You can get ……..  most places in London by Tube.

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