Англійська мова 6 клас - Несвіт Алла

Unit 6.  Great Britain: London


Lesson 7.


1.   Read and match the words with the symbols.

•  to turn right • to turn left • to go along • to come into • to go round • to go out of • on the left • on the right •

2. Work in pairs. Draw a plan of a street. Talk with your friend as in the example.


Kim: Excuse me, sir. How can I get to the post office from here?

A stranger: Walk two blocks to Market Square. Then turn right in Forest Street. Go two more blocks to Apple Street, cross the street and go straight on. The post office is half-way down the street on the right-hand side.


3. Listen and complete the dialogue with the questions from the box. Then act it out. There is one question that you don’t need.

A Are we going to stand in a queue to buy tickets? В Shall I take my new camera with me?

С What are you talking about?

D What time do we have to meet at?

E Why do we have to meet so early?

The children are in London. They are talking about their visit to a museum.

Jane: Are you ready for tomorrow, Alex?

Alex: (1)……..

Jane: Don’t you remember? We are going to Madame Tussauds Museum. It has wax models of famous people from all over the world.

Alex: (2)……..

Jane: We meet at the museum at nine o’clock.

Alex: Nine o’clock? I don’t like to get up early. (3)….

Jane: No, we are not. My parents have bought the tickets online. Alex: Brilliant, Jane! (4)……………

Jane: Of course! You will have a photo of you with the British Queen! Alex: That sounds great!


4. Read the sentences and tick J (Jane), A (Alex). Say who:


………..  reminds the friend about the plans for the weekend…

……….. doesn’t like to get up early.                                    …

………..  tells the friend some information about the museum…

……….. will take a camera to the museum.                          …

………..  has asked parents to buy the tickets.                     …

……….. will take a photo with the British Queen.                 …

Conversation Lab

5. Work in pairs. Talk with your friend about a place to visit. Discuss the questions:

• the day and the time;

• the tickets;

• the place to meet.

6. Read and complete Ann’s letter to Jane. Put the words in brackets into the Past Simple Tense.

Dear Jane,

I (1) ………  (to have) a wonderful trip to London last summer. It (2)… (to be) fantastic! I (3)… (to go) on an excursion to St. Paul’s Cathedral. I (4)… (to hear) my friend in the Whispering Gallery. He (5)… (to be) 100 feet away! I also (6)…(to go) to Madame Tussauds Waxworks Museum. I (7)… (to see) Madame Tussauds portrait. She (8)… (to make) it before her death. Sometimes I (9)… (to feel) uncomfortable in the company of wax models. In the Globe Theatre I (10)… (to discover) amazing facts about William Shakespeare.

Write me soon and tell me all your news.

Best wishes,


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