Англійська мова 6 клас - Несвіт Алла

Unit 1. My Family and Friends


Lessons 4-5


1. Work in pairs. Think of the ideas to complete the sentences. What makes a good parent (student A) and a good child (student В)? Compare your lists. Explain your choice.

1. A good parent is someone who:

- thinks about the child;

- talks to the child;

2. A good child (son or daughter) is someone who:

- respects his/her parents;

- helps about the house;


2. Work in two groups. Read the stories on pages 16-17 and order the statements (A-E) given below.

____  A Personal interests

____  В Appearance

____  С What we do together

____  D Introduction

____  E Character

Group A

My Father

This is a photo of my father. He’s got a round face. His eyes are grey. He is handsome. He is friendly and kind-hearted.

My father loves making models of planes. He is also fond of sports. His favourite sport is football. We often play together at the weekend. My dad enjoys reading and fishing.

I think that my father is the best.

Group B

My Mother

This is a photo of my mum. She is a pretty woman. She’s got blue eyes and a nice smile. She is kind and hard-working.

My mother loves cooking and knitting. She also loves gardening. We’ve got a lot of flowers both in our flat and in our country house.

My mum understands me. We always talk about my school life and my friends. I often ask my mum for advice.


3. Work in groups. Talk about your father and mother. Use the statements in Ex. 2 as a plan. Answer your friends’ questions.

Reading Lab


4. Work in pairs. Take turns to ask and answer the questions in the table on page 18.


A: How many sisters and brothers do you have?

В: I have one elder sister and two younger brothers. What about you? A: I am the only child in the family. I don’t have any sisters and brothers.



Your Friend

• How many sisters and brothers do you have?

• Is it better to be the eldest, youngest or the middle child? Why?




5. Read Inna’s story about her sister Maria. Find the sentences to describe the pictures given below.

My Lovely Sister

My name is Inna. I am the third daughter in my family. I have one older brother and one older sister.

My sister’s name is Eva. I think she is my best friend. I like her because she is a helpful person. She always helps me with my homework. Besides, she is a good listener too. She always listens to my school stories. She gives me advice on how to solve my problems.

Eva is a good cook. When I am hungry, she always cooks some delicious food. Not only that, my sister is a kind person. Sometimes she makes me laugh at her jokes. That’s why I love her very much.

6. Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions.

1. How many children are there in that family?

2. Who is Inna’s best friend?

3. What is Eva like?

4. What do the girls do when they are together?

Writing Lab: Writing a Story

►What are linkers?

Linkers are words that connect ideas in a text logically.

►When do we use them?

When you describe a person, a place or a thing, use them to list facts, link events across time, compare and contrast ideas, etc.

Here are some examples:

To list some points:                  To give reasons why:

Besides, ……..                       That’s why….

Not only that, ……..  ,             … , so…. /…….. because…..

Sometimes……… / Also…….


7. Work in groups. Look through Inna’s story in Ex. 5 again. Use the notes to write Eva’s sentences about Inna. Start like this:

My sister Inna is………… She always…… Sometimes she….. She also……………………………… Besides, When we are together…..

1. Always asks me to help her with her homework.

2. Tells me about her friends and school life.

3. Solve her problems together.

4. A good eater.

5. Listens to my funny stories.


8. Write a story about your brother or sister, or a friend. Use the text in Ex. 5 as a model.

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