Англійська мова 6 клас - Несвіт Алла

Unit 6.  Great Britain: London


Lesson 8. Grammar Revision


1. Read and complete the travel brochure with the word combinations from the box given below.

•  the Tower of London • Buckingham Palace • the National Gallery • Green Park • the London Eye • (Trafalgar) Square • the West End •


 2. Read and order the paragraphs to build a text.

The English Parks

A In March and April there are a lot of flowers in the parks. English people like roses, daffodils and tulips a lot. The rose is the symbol of England. The daffodil is the symbol of Wales.

В In Hyde Park, people like to sit on the grass or to read books on the benches under the trees. They also like to visit the beautiful rose garden there and go boating on the lake.

С There are many parks in London as well as in other cities and towns in England. The most famous London parks are Hyde Park, St. James’s Park and Green Park.

D Green Park is a quiet place with a lot of beautiful trees. Green Park has no lakes, no buildings and few monuments. The only flowers are daffodils.

E In St. James’s Park you can sit by the lake and watch swans, geese, ducks and other birds which live there.

Regent’s Park                          Green Park

3. Work in pairs. Take turns to ask and answer the questions about the text in Ex. 2.

1. Are there many parks in England?

2. What London parks do you know?

3. Why is spring a lovely season in England?

4. Are there many flowers in the English parks?

5. What do people like to do in Hyde Park?

6. What birds can you see on the lake in St. James’s Park?


4. Work in pairs. Ask questions to get more information.

They have already visited London this year.

 Conversation Lab


5. Read and complete the dialogue. Use the phrases: Why don’t we… , Shall we …, How about…, Let’s … .

Ann and Kim are in England. They are going to spend this weekend together. They are trying to decide what to do.

Ann: So, what (1) …  do this weekend? Have you got any ideas?

Kim: Let’s go to a museum!

Ann: Museum? That’s a good idea!

Kim: Which (2) ….  visit?

Ann: (3) ….  going to the British Museum? There are lots of good exhibitions there.

Kim: Yes, all right. (4)….. is fine with me. How (5) get there?

Ann: (6) ….  go by      underground?

Kim: (7) …..  go by double-decker bus, we’ll be able to see more of the city.

Ann: (8) ….  go by (9) …  , then.

Kim: OK.


6.   You’re planning a trip to London. Write which places you would like to visit


Think of your records. Decide how well you know it:

4 = very well, 3 = OK, 2 = a little, 1 = needs to improve


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