Англійська мова 6 клас - Несвіт Алла

Unite 7. Ukraine. Kyiv


Lesson 5.


1.   Listen and repeat.

Asking for Directions



2. Complete the phrases.

•  turn • straight • supermarket • left • right • keep •

Go…. on.

Just….. going. It’s about five minutes.

Go straight on and take the third… on the left.

Go straight on and turn       

It’s the second turn on the… .

Turn right at the…. , then left into

Street, and… is on your right.

Conversation Lab


3. Work in pairs. Complete the dialogues. Use the maps to help you.

1.  A: Excuse me. How do I .  to….. from here?

B: OK. Go …….. on, and it’s the second ..  , no, the third…. on the   

A: Thank you very……….

B: You’re welcome.

2. A: …..  me. Is there a  near here?

B: Yes. Go  on and………… the second ..  on the…… The is        the bank.

A: …….. very much.

B: That’s OK. No problem.

3.  A: Excuse me. Do you know the to St. Andrew’s Church?

B: No, I’m sorry. I’m not from here.

A: OK. Thanks.


4. A: Excuse me. Do you know.. ?

B: Yes………. left………. Street and the… is on the next…. on your    

A: Thank you very much.

B: Not at all.

4.  Read and complete the text with the words from the box given below.

• architect • receptions • hunting • buildings • office • animals •

Horodetskiy House, or The House with Chimeras is one of the weirdest, but most popular (1) … in Kyiv. It was designed by the (2)        …Vladyslav Horodetskiy and completed in 1902. The building is decorated with exotic (3) …   and creatures such as elephants, rhinoceros, and dolphins, because of Horodetskiy’s passion for (4)…        The house is situated in Bankova Street, opposite the (5)…of the President of Ukraine.

The House with Chimeras is used for government and presidential (6)…. and is not open to the public.


5. Ask questions to the sentences given below.

She has already seen a very interesting film about animals.

2. They have already visited the National Historical Museum of Ukraine.

3. Tom has never heard of this place before.

4. My parents have already read many books about Kyiv.

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