Англійська мова 6 клас - Несвіт Алла

Unit 8. School Life


Lesson 1.


1. Listen and repeat. Match the pictures with the names of the school subjects in the box given below.


Number 1 is Music.

• Mathematics • Ukrainian • World Literature • Biology • Physical Education (PE) • Music • Computer Studies • Geography • History • Art • English • Handicrafts •

2. Work in pairs. Act out the dialogues. Use the words from Ex. 1 on page 160.


1.     - What’s your favourite subject?

- History. I like learning about the past. And what about you?

- I like Computer Studies. It’s interesting.

2.     - What is our third lesson today?

- Let me have a look. It’s Geography. It’s in Room 12.

- Did you colour the map of Ukraine?

- Yes, I did. I like working with maps.

3. Read the email. What is Olia’s favourite school day?



4. Say if the following sentences are T (True) or F (False). Correct the false sentences.


The second lesson on Friday is Maths. - False. The second lesson is English.

1. The lesson before English is Maths.

2. The fifth lesson is History.

3. PE is on Wednesday.

4. Nina’s favourite day is Friday.

5. Nina likes Maths and English.

6. Nina visits her friends at weekends.


Conversation Lab                                               

5. Read and complete the dialogue. Then act it out. Use the verbs in the Present Simple Tense.

A: Tell me about your school, Jane.

B: (0) / go (I / to go) to a theatre school in London.

A: What subjects (1) ……  (you / to study)?

B: Well, (2) ……..  (I / to study) subjects like English, Maths and Science, but (3)…… (I / to do) Drama, Dance and Singing, too.

A: Which subject (4) ……  (you / to like) best?

B: (5) ……..  (I / to love) Drama. (6) .  (we / always / to have) a lot of fun.

A: (7)………. (you / to like) singing?

B: No, (8)…….. (I / to hate ) it! (9)… (my teacher / always / to tell) me I need to practise more.

6.  Read and complete the text. Use the words from the box given below.

•  feelings • Mathematics • understand • draw • subjects • watercolours • Art • paint • emotions •

I am sure that (1)…… is very important and useful. We can’t do any calculations without it. But I also like other (2)……    we study at school, too. One of them is (3) …… I’m fond of drawing and painting in these lessons. When we (4)……  we draw pictures with a pen,

a pencil or chalk. When we (5) …… we paint pictures with paint and use paintbrushes. We may paint in (6)…… or in oils. When we draw or paint we express our (7) …… and (8) …… through the paintings. Art helps us (9) …… other subjects much more clearly.


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