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Unit 8. School Life


Lesson 2.


1. a) Look at the chart and talk about the pupils. What school subjects do they have on these days of the week?


It’s Monday today. Carol has got History on her timetable. Peter has got Biology. Mandy has got Music. Tony has got Maths.

b) Work in pairs. Talk about school subjects you have got in your timetable.


A: What lessons do you have on Monday?

В: I have English, Geography, Mathematics, History, Ukrainian and PE on Monday.


2. Work in pairs. Look at the pictures. Ask and answer the questions about the pupils’ favourite school subjects.



A: What subjects does Carol like?

B: She likes English. She really likes P.E.

A: Does she like Maths?

B: No, she doesn’t. She is not good at doing the sums.


A: What ….. ?

B: He ……  Geography, but he .  Spanish.

A: Does …… ?

B: Yes, ………….. He ….  Science, too.


A: What …..  ?

B: She …….  Drama and she  Music.

A: Does ……  ?

B: ……  , she…… History is…….

4.  (Тоnу)

A: What ……. ?

В: Не ……. Computer Studies.

А: …….. ?

В: ……..


3. Read the sentences and say whose these words are.


«I like Science.» - Peter likes Science.

1. «I like Music and Drama.»

2. «I like English, but I don’t like Science.»

3. «I don’t like Spanish.»

4. «I like Geography and Science.»

5. «I really hate Maths.»

6. «I like English but I don’t like Maths.»

7. «My favourite subject is Computer Studies.»

8. «I hate History.»

9. «My favourite subject is PE.»

Conversation Lab


4. Work in pairs. Read and act out the dialogues. Then make up similar ones about the subjects you study at school.


A: Hi, Jack! What is your first lesson?

B: Oh, hi, Kate! It’s Geography.

A: Is Geography interesting?

B: Yes, it is. We work with maps. We learn about mountains and valleys, about water routes and using them for trade. We talk about countries and cities, specific buildings and interesting places, people and nature.

A: Ann, can you help me with my English exercise?

B: Sure. What’s the number?

A: It’s Exercise 5 on page 120. I didn’t understand the use of the Present Perfect Tense in the lesson yesterday. And I can’t do my homework.

B: OK, let’s read the rules first and then we’ll do the exercise.

5.  Read and complete the email. Use the words from the box given below.

•  homework • library • teacher • university • test • excursion • test • lesson •


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