Англійська мова 6 клас - Несвіт Алла

Unit 8. School Life


Lesson З.


1. Look, read and match the pictures with the geographical names in the box.

•  mountains • a valley • a river • the sea • the ocean • a continent • countries (the USA / Canada / Great Britain) • cities • a map •  a famous building (The Houses of Parliament) • the Earth • a flag • a lake • a hill • an ocean •

2. Look at the picture. Find the objects in the box given below. Then read and choose the correct words to complete the sentences.

• a forest • a mountain • a lake • an island • a valley • a hill • a river • the sea • a volcano • farmland • a landmark •



We climbed the big forest / mountain.

1. There’s some farmland / lake near the village.

2. Let’s walk up the hill / island.

3. The coast / valley was very wide.

4. How deep is the hill / lake?

5. Which is the longest mountain / river in your country?

6. There was a fire in that forest / river last year.

7. There isn’t a village on the island / sea.

8. Are there many landmarks / volcanoes in Great Britain?


3.   Work in groups. Do the quiz.


Conversation Lab


4. Work in pairs. Act out the dialogues about the things you talk in Geography lessons.

1. A: Do you work with the map in Geography lessons?

B: Yes, we do.

A: How many continents can you find on the map?

B: We can find seven continents on the map.

2.   A: Can you find mountains and valleys on the continents?

B: Yes, we can.

3. A: Are there many rivers and seas on our planet?

B: Yes, there are. There are more rivers than seas on our planet.

4. A: Do people live along the banks of the rivers / at the seaside / in the cities / in the villages?

B: Today people live mostly in towns and cities. But they prefer to have holidays at the seaside or on the banks of the rivers.


5. Write Yes I No questions and short answers.


We learned how landscapes change in our Geography lesson yesterday. (x)

Did we learn how landscapes change in our Geography lesson yesterday? - No, we didn’t.

The population of the Earth is constantly growing. (✓) Is the population of the Earth constantly growing? - Yes, it is.

1. The weather is different in different parts of our planet. (✓)

2. As a mathematician you can study mountains and the ocean floor. (x)

3. When we build new houses we change the lives of the creatures around us. (✓)

4. Tomorrow we’ll speak about planet Earth! (x)

5. My brother was good at Geography when he studied at school. (x)

6. My friend’s sister knows a lot about the geography of Ukraine. (✓)

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