Англійська мова 6 клас - Несвіт Алла

Unit 8. School Life


Lesson 4.


1.  Match the words (1-10) with their definitions (a-j).


1. A river

a) a very big hill

2. A coast

b) the number of people that live in a particular country

3. The sea

c) the large area of salty water

4. A mountain

d) the temperature and other conditions such as sun, rain and wind

5. Weather

e) a drawing of a particular area which shows its main features

6. Climate

f) the area where the land meets the sea

7. A population

g) an area of lower land between two lines of mountains usually with a river flowing through it

8. A valley

h) useful areas of land or minerals such as coal or oil that exist in a country

9. A resource

i) a natural flow of water across a country into the sea

10. A map

j) the typical weather conditions of a particular area


2. Read and complete the sentences. Use the words from the box given below.

• valleys • maps • resources • rivers • climates • mountains • coast • population • weather • continents • seas • people •

1. At the Geography lessons we work with……

2. There are ……..  and….. oceans…… and….. on the Earth.

3. Are there 6 or 7……. on our planet?

4. Geography informs us about the places and communities in which live and work.

5. What’s the……. like today?

6. These flowers will grow in cold……..

7. Ukraine is rich in mineral……..

8. About 67.2 percent of the ……  of Ukraine lives in cities.


3. Read the pupils’ opinions about the lesson of Geography.

Ann: My favourite subject is Geography. We started studying it this year. Our teacher, Maryna Ivanivna, tells us a lot of fun facts about the countries in the world. Geography teaches us about oceans, volcanoes, earthquakes and all kinds of other things.

Dan: Geography is so exciting for me! We speak about different things in the lessons: the landscapes of our planet, its mountains and plains, oceans and seas, rivers and lakes. We have learned that landscapes are different on different continents. Asia, North America, Europe are covered with forests. You can find vast grasslands1 on these continents. The largest desert is the Sahara, in Africa. In the last lesson we talked about weather and human activity, which changes the land.


4.   Read and tick the sentences: A (Ann), D (Dan) or NG (not given).

1. We watch videos in the Geography lessons.

2. Geography teaches us information about the world.

3. There are a lot of encyclopaedias in my school library.

4. I’m reading about Europe now.

5. The Earth is full of natural resources.

6. In the Geography lessons we learn about natural disasters.

Conversation Lab


5.   Work in three groups. Role-play the situation.

Each group has got a card with some information about one of the continents. Read and study the information on the role card. Colour this continent on the map. Then talk about this continent in class. Another group listens and asks questions.

1 Vast grasslands - великі території, покриті травою.



6.  Look through the information cards to Ex. 5 and write about one of the continents.

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