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Unit 8. School Life


Lessons 5-6.


1. Listen and repeat. Say what you usually do in PE lessons.


We usually run in the lessons. Some pupils run faster than others. But we all get great pleasure from running.

• to run • to jump • to play with a ball • to jump in length • to climb on the rope • to climb the wall bar • to do a pull-up • to skip rope •

2. Read the pupils’ opinions about the lessons of Physical Education and say why they like or don’t like the lessons. Do you like your PE lessons?

John: PE is my favourite subject at school. I like it because it’s fun, competitive and it’s like exercising, but better. PE is a time to have fun with friends and stay healthy. I also like playing hockey. I think PE is the only subject where I don’t need to sit in a chair the whole time. I like to play games like basketball or soccer.

Kate: I like my school PE lessons. They are always active and we don’t have to sit at the desks. We always play team games such as football, basketball or volleyball. I love to be part of a team. However, I’m very shy and don’t like it when people look at me. So when we do some individual exercise, my results are not very good. I have to practise more.

3. Read and complete the sentences. Use the words from the box given below.

• PE lessons • climbing • exercises • little • physical • a child •

1. If you move ………  , you become physically weak.

2. If it is warm, ……..  are at the stadium not in the gym.

3. But I really wanted to jump, climb on ropes and wall bars when

I was…………….

4. PE lessons help us improve our health and develop our           abilities.

5. You can ask your PE teacher to give you a break if you have a problem with       a rope or doing pull-ups.

6. At the beginning of the lesson we always warm-up……


 4. Read and complete the text with the missing parts (A-H) given after the text.

Say what helped the girl to win a race.

«Come on. You can do it. You’re fast!» said my friend Lizzy. Those encouraging words convinced me (1)     …… that race. It was a girl’s race

held in the PE lesson two days ago. For some minutes I stood trembling (2)…………….. There were ten nervous runners (3)……      Everybody wanted to win. We all (4) …… on our shirts. Everyone was ready. Bang! The starter’s pistol went off, and we (5)………………… along the stadium.

When I reached (6)……. , I noticed that there were only three other runners around me. Then I saw Lizzy. She screamed excitedly, «You are going (7)……………. !» I began to run faster. I crossed (8) ……I won!

My gold medal is one of my special treasures.

A thundered straight ahead

В to sign up for

С to win the race

D at the starting line

E at the stadium

F the finish line

G wore jumbo numbers

H the halfway point

Conversation Lab


5. Work in pairs. Make up dialogues as in the example. Why do children need physical education? Use the phrases in the box.


A: Does Physical Education improve children’s bodies and muscles?

B: Yes, it does.

• to develop children’s bodies and muscles (motor skills) • to participate in physical activities • to provide regular, physical activities for all children • to improve self-discipline • to reduce stress • to strengthen peer relationships • to help children to become more confident and independent • to give children the opportunity to set their personal goals • to improve children’s health •


6. Complete the text given below with the correct form of the verbs to play, to go, to come or to do.

I’m preparing to run in a school race. I (1) ……..  jogging every morning and (2) … swimming twice a week. I (3)… for a run almost every evenings and at weekends. I sometimes ask my brother to (4)……with me but he prefers to (5)…… boxing. My sister (6)……ballet at the ballet school and while she is at her class I (7) …… basketball in the gym. I (8)…… to basketball practice regularly because I’m in the team and we (9) …… matches most weekends. I also (10) …… football with my friends. By (11)……so much exercise I hope to be really fit for the race. I’m not going to relax afterwards either - I plan to (12) …… skiing with my family in the Carpathians!

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