Англійська мова 6 клас - Несвіт Алла

Unit 1. My Family and Friends


Lessons 7-8.

1. a) Listen to the opinion. Then listen to the responses. Say who you agree with. Present your own opinion.


A -.Relatives are more important than friends.

В: I think so, too. Family members are our dearest people in the world. We must support each other.

С: I don’t think so. You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family.

1. It’s good to be the only child in the family.

2. Brothers and sisters must always help and support each other.

b) Work in pairs. Agree or disagree with the statements. Explain your point of view.


2. Read Dan’s email to his penfriend. What are the names of people in the photo he attached.



3. Ask and answer the questions.

1. Who is Dan writing an email to?

2. What are Dan’s friends’ names?

3. Where are the friends in the photo?

4. What does Dan write about his friends?


4. Look at the children in the photo and describe their appearance. What do you think the children’s characters are like? Use the phrases given below.

   1… is really…..

   2… looks ….

   3… looks like a…..

   4… is rather…..

   5… is extremely….

   6… has got quite …

   7… looks as if…..

Conversation Lab                                                   

5. Work in groups. Talk about different kinds of people. Use the words in the table on page 24. Start like this:

All people are very different in their character. My friends are cheerful, sociable and caring. I don’t like to talk to moody and gloomy people. Etc.


Positive Qualities

Negative Qualities









having a good sense of humour




6. Read, complete and write down the sentences. Use the words: energetic, polite, charming, patient, kind-hearted, brilliant, smart, talented.

1. My cousin is very……… He always says «please» and «thank you».

2. Our neighbour’s son is very……. He gets only excellent marks at school.

3. Their children are very…….. They can sing beautifully.

4. They are a(n) ….  family. They play sport every weekend.

5. Miss Alison is a(n) …….  and …  teacher. She never shouts at her pupils.

6. My aunt is a(n) ……  lady. Everybody likes her immediately.

7. Clark is a(n) …….  student. He reads books every day.

7. Write a short story about your friend. Describe the person’s appearance and character. Why is this person special for you?

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