Англійська мова 6 клас - Несвіт Алла

Unit 1. My Family and Friends


Lesson 9. Grammar Revision


1. a) Work in pairs. Take turns to ask and answer the questions in the table on page 25. Add information.

b) Speak in class. Tell your classmates about your friend’s relatives.


A: How many relatives have you got?

В: I have got two aunts and three uncles. They live in different parts of Ukraine. Two uncles live in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. One uncle lives in Zaporizhzhia. My two aunts live in Lviv.




Your Friend

• How many relatives have you got?

• How often do you meet them?

•      How old is your oldest aunt (uncle, cousin, etc.)?

•      How old is your youngest aunt (uncle, cousin, etc.)?

• What are your family traditions?

• Does your family honour them?



2.  Complete the sentences with the correct tense form of the verbs.

1. A: Where …..  (to be) Steve now?

B: He ……….  (to look) at the photos we brought from Great Britain.

2. Sandra….. (to be) very generous. She always (to bring) me presents, when she …………………………………….  (to travel) to other countries.

3. Why……… (to be) the dog so quiet today? He always    (to bark), when he  (to see) the postman.

4. Look, Jane! I ……  already …  (to buy) some new CDs.. you  (to want) to listen to them?

5. A: Hi, Brian! Can I speak to Laura, please?

B: Sorry, she………. (to have) a shower now.

6………… you… (to watch) that programme together yesterday?

3. Put the verbs into the Present Simple, the Present Continuous, the Past Simple or the Future Simple tenses.

1. Julia……… (to sew) a button on her blouse now.

2. Betty and Sandra ……  (to visit) their relatives in London next summer.

3 …you (to know) how to vacuum the carpet?

4. Can you (to help) your sister to decorate a house  for a birth day party?

5. They…….. (to be) tired yesterday. They     (to work) in the garden.

6. The girls …… (to sweep) the floor two days ago.

Conversation Lab


4.  Work in pairs. Read and order the sentences to make a dialogue. Act it out.

- OK. My father is a businessman. He works for a TV company.

-   Are you the only child in the family?

-   Yes, I do. We always help each other and never argue.

-   Hi, Mark! I know nothing about your family. Tell me about your parents, please.

-   No, I’m not. I have got an elder brother. He is nearly 19.

-   Really? And what about your mother?

-   My mother is a cook. She works in a restaurant.

-   Do you get on well with him?

5. Find a photo of you with friends or family. Write an email describing the people in the photo. Use the email in Ex. 3 as a model.




Think of your records. Decide how well you know it:

4 = very well, 3 = OK, 2 = a little, 1 = needs to improve


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