Англійська мова 6 клас - Несвіт Алла

Unit 2. Shopping




Lesson 1.


1.   a) Listen and repeat. Which is your favourite place to go shopping?

Example: My favourite place to go shopping is a department store. I like to buy new clothes.

a supermarket  a department store            the baker’s

the greengrocer’s         the grocer’s                  a dairy

the butcher’s              a toy store                 a market

b) Say what things you can buy in these places.


We can buy oranges at the greengrocer’s.


2.   Listen and read. Say what Ann’s favourite place to go shopping is.

A Shopping Day

Today is Saturday. This is the day when we do the shopping. My mother often takes me with her. We usually have a long shopping list.

 First we go to the baker’s to get some bread. Then we buy some milk, butter, sour cream and cottage cheese at the dairy. After that we go to the butcher’s where we buy meat, sausages, steak, ham or bacon.

My favourite place to go is our local market. It is very big and nice. You can buy everything you need there: food, clothes and toys.

The best places to do the shopping in a big city are supermarkets and shopping malls. People can save their time and even have fun there.


3.  Read the sentences and order them according to the text of Ex. 2.

__  A We buy meat at the butcher’s.

__  В We are at the baker’s.

__  С The local market is my favourite place.

__  D We have got a long shopping list.

__  E We buy sour cream and milk.


4.  Look at the pictures in Ex. 1 (page 30). Read and say where the people are.


Conversation Lab


5. Say that you would like to buy these things.


I would like to buy a can of Coke.




6. Complete the sentences with the new words.

1. Buy two kilos of meat at the …..  , Ann.

2. Let’s go to the……… The vegetables are always fresh there.

3. They always sell fresh bread at this…….

4. We have got a long shopping list, but not much time. It’s better to do the shopping in the

5. Excuse me. Where can I find …  ? I want to buy some souvenirs.


7. Write a paragraph about your shopping day. Use the questions below to help you.

• Where do you usually do the shopping?

• Do you have a shopping list?

• What’s your favourite place to do the shopping?

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