Англійська мова 6 клас - Несвіт Алла

Unit 2. Shopping


Lesson 2.


1. Listen, repeat and say what you usually buy in the supermarket. Start like this:

Sunday is my shopping day. I do the shopping in the local supermarket. They sell all kinds of food, clothes, toys, magazines and household goods there. I usually buy    

2. Work in pairs. Tell your friend about your shopping experience in the local supermarket yesterday. Your friend listens and guesses the false information.


A: I went shopping with my mum yesterday.

B: True.

A: We went shopping for food only.

B: False.

A: True! We didn’t buy any clothes.


3.  Work in pairs. Take turns to ask and answer the questions on page 34.


1. Where does your family buy most of the food?

2. What things can you buy in the supermarket (at the market)?

3. What do you do when you can’t find the things you want to buy?


4. a) Read and act out the dialogue.

Ann: Do you want brown or white bread, Dan?

Dan: Let’s get white.

Ann: OK. How many loaves do we want?

Dan: One. Let’s get some bread rolls as well.

Ann: That’s a good idea.

Dan: Right. What else do we need to buy?

Ann: Some butter and sour cream.

Dan: Well, the dairy section is over there.

b) Work in pairs. Read and complete the dialogues. Use the words from Ex. 1 on page 33.

1. A: I am going to the supermarket to get Do we need any… ?

B: Yes. We need some, but not much. We also need. and…….

2. A: Excuse me. Where can I find ?

B: In the……. section.

A: Thank you.

3. A: Do we need.. ?

B: No, but we need……..

4.  A: We forgot to get ?

В: I’ll get it/them.

Where is it? / Where are they?

A: In the…….. section over there.


5. Play a game. Work in two groups. Act as in the model. Use the words: milk, apples, juice, rice, peaches, etc.


Teacher: Milk.

Group A: How much milk?

Teacher: Right. One point. Apples.

Group B: How many apples?

Teacher: Juice.

Group B: How many juice?

Teacher: Wrong! «How much juice?» Group В doesn’t get a point.

Conversation Lab


6. Work in pairs. Read, complete and act out the dialogue. Use the words: much, many, any, some.

Dan: How ….  cheese is there?

Ann: There isn’t …  left.

Dan: We need…. cheese then. ……What about eggs? How……… eggs have we got? Ten eggs.

Ann: So, we don’t need….

Dan: OK. How….. bread have we got?

Ann: We haven’t got … bread and ..  flour left.

Dan: How …. bread do we need?

Ann: One loaf.

Dan: And how………… flour?

Ann: One kilo, I think.


7.  Write your shopping list for this week. Write how much food you need to buy.


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