Підручник Англійська мова 7 клас (3-й рік навчання) - Л.І. Морська - Богдан 2015 рік


Lesson 9

1. Look at the picture and read the words. Guess their meaning. Then write them down into your exercise books.

1 — garage ['gæridʒ][gə'ra:ʒ]

2 — roof [ru:f]

3 — chimney [’t∫imni]

4 — gutter [’gʌtə]

5 — mailbox ['meilbɒks]

6 — gate [geit]

7 — fence [fens]

8 — window ['windəv]

9 — door [dɔ:]

2. You have words in column A and their translations in column B. Match translations with the words.






сільська місцевість













3. Look at the pictures and read the words.

4. Look at the picture and answer the questions. Use the prepositions ([,рreрə'zi∫(ə)n] — прийменники) from the box.

opposite, across, behind, to the left of, to the right of, next to, between

1. Where is the school?

2. Where is the concert hall?

3. Where is the bank?

4. Is the school opposite or behind the chemist’s?

5. Where is the litter bin?

6. Where is the green car?

7. Where is the grocery store?

8. Is there a church next to the police station?

9. Is the chemist’s to the left or to the right of the bank?

10. Where is the police station?

5. Complete the sentences with the appropriate words from the box.

school, chemist’s, post office, police station, church, grocery store, concert hall, bank

1. You can post your letters and parcels at a … .

2. You can buy food at a … .

3. You can go to a … to glorify God.

4. Teachers teach you different subjects at a … .

5. You can borrow money from a … .

6. You can buy medicine at a … .

7. You can see performances of different actors, singers, music bands in a … .

8. When you are in trouble you call the … .

6. Interview your partner. The questions given below can help you.

1. Do you like your street?

2. What can you see in your street?

3. Can you see many cars and buses there?

4. What must you do before you cross the street?

5. What must you do when the light is red?

6. What can you do when the light is green?

7. Listen, read and learn the rhymes.


Trams and cars in our town

Run up and down.

Stop! Look at the light!

First look to the left

And then to the right.


Stop! Look! Listen!

Before you cross the street.

Use your eyes, use your ears,

And then use your feet.


Look to this side,

Look to that side.

The green says, «Go!»

Now go slow.

The red says, «Stop!»

Now do so.

8. Answer the questions.

1. What kind of house do you live in?

2. How many storeys has your house got?

3. What floor is your flat on?

4. Is there a balcony in your flat/house?

5. Is there a telephone in your flat/house? What’s your telephone number?

6. How many rooms have you got in your flat/house? What are they?

9. Read the instructions and draw «the house of your dream».

• Draw a yard. There is a fence around it. The fence is brown.

• Draw some green grass in the yard. There are also some beautiful bright flowers. They are of different colours.

• Then draw a two-storey cottage with a chimney. The chimney is grey, but the roof is red.

• There are three windows on the first floor (на другому поверсі). They are yellow. And there are two windows on the ground floor (на першому поверсі). They are green.

• Then draw an orange door to your house.

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