Підручник Англійська мова 7 клас (3-й рік навчання) - Л.І. Морська - Богдан 2015 рік


Lesson 10

1. Listen and read the dialogue. Act it out in pairs.

Buggy: I know that you have got a new flat. Tell me about it.

Jane: Well, it’s large and comfortable. It has got all modern conveniences, you know — gas, electricity, central heating, hot and cold running water.

Buggy: Is there a telephone in your flat?

Jane: Oh, yes, there is.

Buggy: How many rooms are there in your flat?

Jane: There are three rooms in it: a living room, a bedroom, and a study ([’sudi] — робочий кабінет).

Buggy: What floor is your flat on?

Jane: It’s on the third floor in a 9-storeyed building.

2. Read the words and word combinations.

modern conveniences


сучасні (комунальні)









cold and hot running

холодна і гаряча вода


central heating

['sentr(ə)l 'hi:tiη]

центральне опалення




to move into a flat

переїжджати у квартиру

3. Match column A with column В to have words or phrases. Then make up 5 sentences with them.

Model: My country house is rather small, but it is very comfortable.

4. Answer the questions given below.

1. Do you live in a flat or a private house?

2. What floor is your flat on?

3. How many storeys are there in the building you live in? Is there a lift in it?

4. How many rooms are there in your flat/house?

5. Is there a balcony in your flat/house?

6. What modern conveniences has your flat/house got?

7. Is there a post office near your flat/house? Is there a grocery store in your street?

5. Listen, read and learn the rhyme.


The sun is coming up — the farmer’s out the door,

He is going to milk the cows, and start his daily chores.

The sun is going down — the horse is in the stable,

All the plants grow quickly now, the supper’s on the table.

6. Look at the pictures and say what the people are doing. Use the words and the model given below to help you.

to feed the horse, to milk the cow, to repair the bicycle, to water the flowers, to work in the garden, to feed the dog

Model: The old man is feeding the horse. The old woman is…

7. Read the definitions and guess the words.

• a very tall building in a city

• a rural region; land not in towns, cities, or industrial regions; people use it for farming

• a place where people live that is larger than a village but smaller than a city

• a place where people live that is larger or more important than a town;

• an area where many people live and work

• a place on one floor where people live and which has several rooms

• a small town in the country

8. Listen and read the dialogue. Act it out in pairs.

Jane: Where is Mykhailyk?

Buggy: He is in the countryside.

Jane: What is he doing there?

Buggy: He is helping his grandparents.

Jane: We also must go to the countryside.

Buggy: Why?

Jane: To breathe ([bri:ət∫e] — дихати) some fresh air.

9. Correct mistakes as it is given in the model.

Model: People in the countryside live in skyscrapers. — People in the countryside don’t live in skyscrapers. They live in private houses.

1. People in the countryside live in multi-storey blocks of flats.

2. People in the suburb live in skyscrapers.

3. People in large cities usually live in private cottages.

4. People in towns live in skyscrapers.

5. People in villages live in flats.

6. People in villages usually rent a flat.

10. Speak about the place you live in.

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