Підручник Англійська мова 7 клас (3-й рік навчання) - Л.І. Морська - Богдан 2015 рік


Lesson 13

1. Listen and read the dialogue. Act it out in pairs.

Jane: Come in, Buggy. Welcome to my new house.

What do you think of it?

Buggy: Well, I think, it’s very nice. How many rooms are there in your house?

Jane: There are four rooms here: a living room, a nursery (['nз:s(ə)ri] — дитяча кімната) and two bedrooms.

Buggy: This is the best room, to my mind (на мою думку). Its windows face (вікна виходять на) a beautiful garden.

Jane: Yes, that’s my favourite room.

2. There are definitions of some things you can have in a flat. Guess the names of those things.

1. a piece of furniture (елемент меблів) on which you have your breakfast, lunch and dinner, or work at;

2. a piece of furniture you sleep on;

3. a piece of furniture you can sit on;

4. a thing you may put on the wall;

5. a thing you may put on the floor.

3. Look at the pictures and read the words.

1 — twin beds

2 — mirror

3 — wardrobe

4 — pillow

5 — sheet

6 — blanket

7 — alarm clock

8 — bedside table

9 — carpet

10 — dining room table

11 — chair

12 — fridge

13 — stove

14 — oven

15 — sink

16 — plate

17 — spoon

18 —fork

19 — napkin

20 — knife

21 — ceiling

22 — chandelier

23 — storage unit

24 — cushion

25 — fireplace

26 — sofa

27 — coffee table

28 — armchair

4. Choose the correct word from those given in brackets.

1. We’ve got (a/an) cat and (a/an) dog. (The/a/an) cat’s name is Felix.

2. I have got (a/an) old computer and (a/an) new CD player. (The/a/an) CD player is from Germany.

3. They’ve got (a/an) big house and (a/an) small garden. They are in (the/a/an) garden now.

4. I’ve got (a/an) boring game and (a/an) interesting game. (The/a/an) boring game is Powertime.

5. We’ve got (the/a/an) computer and (the/a/an) video. (The/a/an) computer is new.

5. Write a or an before the words.



unusual story



European car







6. Use the pictures in exercise 3 and practise speaking as it is given in the model.

Model: A: Where is the fork?

B: It’s in the kitchen.

Chandelier, napkin, cushion, oven, mirror, carpet, coffee table, bedside table, fireplace, fridge, sofa, wardrobe, storage unit, sink, sheet, armchair, blanket, beds, spoon.

7. Give the plural form of the following nouns. Use the dictionary to help you.

Glass, photo, house, box, solo, city, hero, fly, bed, clock, echo, bridge, bench, mouth, potato, goose, knife, cuckoo, roof, piano, wife, man, smile, child, nose, hat, proof, ox, brush, cap, mouse, month, cargo, army, flower, key, thief, half, play, woman, pin, bee, family, prize.

8. Correct mistakes in the sentences.

1. There is the new school in our town. 2. There are a nice green trees in my street. 3. I have got two pets: the cat and the dog. A cat’s name is Riff, a dog’s name is Jack. 4. There is the room in a picture. There is the big table with a four chairs in a room. 5. This is the book I bought in Kyiv. A book is very interesting.

9. Write down 7 sentences about your room.

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