Підручник Англійська мова 7 клас (3-й рік навчання) - Л.І. Морська - Богдан 2015 рік


Lesson 14

1. Listen and read the dialogue. Act it out in pairs.

Buggy: What a lovely neighbourhood ([’neibəhvd] — околиця, середовище)! You are so lucky.

Jane: What do you mean?

Buggy: It’s so clean here, and the air is fresh. There are many trees and flowers, too. It’s so quiet and relaxing.

Jane: Yes, it is. But it’s a bit boring sometimes.

Buggy: Why is that?

Jane: Well, look around. There is no cinema, no restaurants ([rest(ə)rɒnt] — ресторан). You are the lucky one. Your house is in the city centre.

Buggy: Yes, there are busy ([’bizi] — шумний, людний, галасливий) cafes, tall buildings and many people.

Jane: Well, that’s perfect for me a city full of life.

2. Look at the pictures. Then read the text and choose the correct prepositions.

There is a table in the room. There is a vase in/on the table with some flowers in/on it. There is a magazine in/under/in front of the vase. There is a ball behind/ under the table. There is a chair next to/under the table. There is a plant behind/ in front of the chair. There is a poster on/in the wall next to/under/above the table. There is a picture above/under/in front of the poster.

3. Look at the picture. Practise speaking as it is given in the model.

Model: A: Where is the table? —

B: It’s in the middle of the room.

4. Look at the picture and read the words.

1 — bathroom 3 — toilet 5 — soap 7 — toothpaste

2 — bath 4 — sink 6 — towel 8 — toothbrush

5. Sort out the words into the given columns.

Bookcase, garage, swimming pool, desk, dining table, armchairs, fridge, toilet, chairs, stove, towel, pillow, bedside table, soap, cushion, sheet, fireplace, mirror, garden, sink, spoon.

Living room




Outside the house

6. Sort out the words into the correct column.



Singular and plural

Families, storey, mice, fish, men, tooth, ox, children, houses, sheep, feet, lice, woman, eyes, deer, ear, faces, fox, geese, shelves, roof.

7. Find the odd word.

1. chimney, antenna, mailbox;

2. nursery, bathroom, second floor;

3. kitchen, garage, bedroom;

4. dining table, coffee table, blanket;

5. sofa, chair, armchair.

8. Listen and read the dialogue. Act it out in pairs.

Buggy: What street is your new flat in, Jane?

Jane: It’s in Johnson Street.

Buggy: So, how do you like it?

Jane: Oh, it’s great! There is much room (багато місця) there, and it’s quiet too.

Buggy: Yeah? What’s the building like? Has it got a swimming pool?

Jane: No, it hasn’t. But there is a big yard for the children to play in. Why don’t you come and see my new flat?

Buggy: OK. I’d like to.

9. Look at the picture and describe the room. Use the model to help you.

Model: The room in the picture is a living room. It is large and bright. There is an armchair and a small table in the middle of the room. There…

10. Get ready to speak about the place you live in (your flat or house).

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