Підручник Англійська мова 7 клас (3-й рік навчання) - Л.І. Морська - Богдан 2015 рік


Lesson 19

1. Put the dialogue in the correct order. Act it out in pairs.

Jane: What was on TV last night?

Buggy: «Fun Festival».

Jane: Was it good?

Buggy: Don’t worry. It will be on again on Friday.

Jane: Was there a football match on?

Buggy: Yes, it was very interesting. And after that programme there was an American film, but it wasn’t very interesting.

Jane: What was the title (назва)?

Buggy: No, but there was a great tennis match.

Jane: Oh, I wanted to watch it!

Buggy: There was a programme about the life in Africa.

2. Here are four players from the English football clubs. Match the pictures of the players with their descriptions.

3. Read the information about the British football clubs. Write the correct points total for each team and then write the name of the team in the correct place in the table.

Manchester United: won three games (3 ∙ 3 = 9) and played one game in a draw ([drɔ:] — в нічию) — 1 ∙ 1 = 1. So 9 + 1 = 10.

Arsenal: won three games and lost one game.

Chelsea: won two games and lost two games.

Liverpool: played four games in a draw.

Football club




Total points


Manchester United

















Win = three points

Draw = one point

Lose = no points

4. Get ready to retell the text about football (exercise 4, lesson 16).

5. Read the words and word combinations.

a competition



a championship



to take place

відбуватися, мати місце

to revive



a champion



a contest


змагання (як правило між двома спортсменами чи двома командами)

a contestant


суперник на спортивних змаганнях

to defeat


перемагати, побороти

6. Listen and read the text. Say whether the statements after it are true or false.


Competitions may be of individual, team or individual-team kind. An individual competition decides a champion. A competition of this kind is a championship. From time to time national, European, world, international, indoor, open championships take place. The greatest championships in sports are the Olympic Games. They take place every four years with representatives from more than 120 nations.

Summer Olympic Games revived in Greece in 1896, Winter Olympic Games originated in 1924. Competitions in the Summer Games normally include archery, basketball, boxing, canoeing, cycling, fencing, field hockey (хокей на траві), gymnastics, judo, rowing, sailing, shooting (стрільба з пневматичної зброї), swimming, diving (стрибки у воду), athletics (легка атлетика), volleyball, water polo, weightlifting, wrestling. Competitions in the Wnter Games include biathlon (біатлон), bobsleigh, speed skating, skiing, ski jumping, downhill slalom (гірськолижний слалом), figure skating, ice hockey.

A champion is the winner of the first place or the first prize in a competition. He defeats the other contestants in a contest.

The World Cup takes place every four years in such sports as wrestling, gymnastics, athletics, fencing and others.

1. Water polo is in the Winter Olympic games.

2. Summer Olympic Games originated in Greece in 1924.

3. Sportsmen play in Winter Olympic Games every four years.

4. Biathlon is a winter sport.

5. A championship means the same as a contest.

6. Canoeing is a summer sport.

7. The winner of the first place in a competition is a contestant.

7. Read the text in exercise 6 and complete the table. Then say which sports (summer or winter) you like to watch on TV

Summer sports

Winter sports



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