Підручник Англійська мова 7 клас (3-й рік навчання) - Л.І. Морська - Богдан 2015 рік


Lesson 22

1. Listen and read the dialogue. Act it out with your partner and then make up a similar one.

Alan: Which winter sports do you like?

Steve: I like skating. We have got a skating rink in our yard every winter, and I skate there almost every day after school. And which sports do you like in winter?

Alan: Well, I like skiing very much. Every Sunday my father and I take our skis and go skiing in the country all day.

Steve: Isn’t it cold to go skiing all day?

Alan: No. I enjoy it greatly. You get very warm when you go skiing in cold weather.

Steve: Don’t you like ice hockey?

Alan: I like to watch hockey matches but I don’t play this game.

2. Put the words from the box into the correct column.




















Open water






3. Look at the pictures and match them with the sentences in the box and the conversations.

Bob is swimming. Jack is running. They are doing aerobics.

They are bicycling. They are dancing.

a) Do you exercise with someone or by yourself?

I exercise with my brother.

b) What do you do for exercise?

I like to go dancing.

c) How often do you exercise?

I work out three times a week.

d) Why do you run?

I want to lose weight.

e) Is the water in the pool warm?

Yes, it is. Warm enough for me.

4. Listen to the dialogues. What can you say about the coaches? Are thеу good or bad? Why? What do you think a good coach should do in situations like these? Act out the dialogues with your partner.

a) Athlete: Coach, I’m a bit worried today…

Coach (Paying no attention to the athlete): Okay boys, let’s get ready for the warm-up.

Athlete: I’d like to talk…

Coach: Okay boys, let’s go…

Athlete: Coach, could I…

Coach: What is it?

Athlete: I am worried. I don’t want to compete with…

Coach: Don’t worry, Johnny… (Again to the other athletes). Okay boys, let’s get out there.

b) Athlete: Coach, I am a bit worried.

Coach: I see.

Athlete: Yes, I got this feeling since I talked to the boys.

Coach: The boys?

Athlete: Yes, the boys told me the other team is pretty good.

Coach: So you’re worried because the other team is good. Is that right? Athlete: Yes, that’s it.

Coach: Why do you worry about that?

Athlete: I don’t know… I guess because I am not good enough.

Coach: John, do you remember when we talked about your goals? Well, your goal tonight is just to try to do your best. It doesn’t really matter to me what anyone else does.

Athlete: Okay, coach. I feel a bit better now.

Coach: Good, I know you are great, John… Okay boys, let’s get ready for the warm-up.

5. Lister and read the texts. Then answer the question after them.


The Races. Long Track Speed Skating takes place on a 400 m track. The skaters use blades up to 45 cm long. Skaters race in pairs counterclockwise (проти годинникової стрілки) on two lanes of an oval track, and the skaters change lanes every lap.

At competitions there are four distances for races — 500, 1,500, 3,000, and 5,000 m for women and 500, 1,500, 5,000, and 10,000 m for men.

The key to a good long track performance is to skate each lap at nearly the same speed.


One of the most beautiful types of skating is figure skating. There are different events in figure skating. The singles and pair events have got two parts, the short programme and the free skate. Skaters receive two marks.

1. What is the length of the blades in long track speed skating?

2. What are the distances for the long track speed skating competitions?

3. What is the key in a good speed skating race performance?

4. How many marks do figure skaters get?

6. Put questions to the words or word combinations in italics.

1. She saw the Smiths last week. 2. The new student worked hard last week. 3. They wanted to play football in the street. 4. Shakespeare wrote «Romeo and Juliet. 5. We decided to stay home because we wanted to watch «Titanic» on «1+1». 6. The sun shone brightly yesterday. 7. Ann invited us to her birthday party. 8. He was late for the train as he lost his way. 9. He came home after school at three. 10. She bought that beautiful dress for $60. 11. She visited her friend yesterday. 12. Our team won the competition last month.

7. Write 5-7 sentences about your favourite sport.

8. Interview your family members about the sports they like. Then report the information to your classmates. Use the questions and the report model below to help you.

What is your most favourite sport?

Do you play this sport?

Why do you like this sport?

The report model: My mother likes … . She doesn’t play it, but she often watches matches on television. My mother loves … because it is a very popular sport in Ukraine.

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