Підручник Англійська мова 7 клас (3-й рік навчання) - Л.І. Морська - Богдан 2015 рік


Lesson 25

1. Listen and read the dialogues. Act them out with your partner and then make up similar ones.

a) A: What was the score in yesterday’s game?

B: Three to one.

A: In whose favour?

B: In Arsenal’s favour. It was a wonderful victory.

A: Who scored in the game?

B: Owen scored the first and the third goals.

A: And the second?

В: I don’t remember.

b) A: Did you watch the match on TV yesterday?

B: No, I didn’t.

A: Are you crazy (ти збожеволів)? It was Milan against Real.

В: I don’t like to watch how other people play. I like to play myself.

A: Oh, what sport do you do?

В: I play basketball.

2. Look at the list of sports. Which of them follow the word to play? The word to go? The word to do? Fill in the blanks. Use the dictionary if necessary.

3. Answer the following questions.

1. When and where did the first Olympic Games take place?

2. When did the modern Olympic Games revive?

3. What competitions are in the Summer Olympics? And Winter Olympics?

4. When and where did the first Winter Olympic Games take place?

5. When and where do the next Summer (Winter) Olympics take place?

4. Get ready to speak on one of the following situations (in the form of a dialogue). There’s a model to help you.

Model: You: Hello, Mr. My name is Mike. Nice to meet you.

Sportsman: Nice to meet you, Mike.

You: I know you took part (взяли участь) in a tennis championship last week.

Sportsman: Yes, that’s true. I took part in a very important tennis championship.

You: Was it difficult? Did you win a lot of games?

Sportsman: It was difficult, but I worked hard. I won 4 games, but I also lost one game. My opponent was very strong.

You: You did great! Congratulations!

1. You meet a famous sportsman who returned from an important sports competition. Ask him questions about the competition.

2. You didn’t see a football (hockey, volleyball) match yesterday. Ask your friend about the game and its results.

5. Complete the sentences with the Past Simple of the verbs in brackets.

1. When I went shopping yesterday, I (buy) some bread and a bottle of milk. 2. Alex (bring) his book to class with him. He didn’t forget it. 3. I dropped my favourite vase. It fell on the floor and (break) into pieces. 4. My brother and his wife (come) to our flat to dinner last night. 5. Mr. Manning (teach) chemistry at the local school last year. 6. Last night, when I was asleep, the telephone (ring). It (wake) me up. 7. The sun (rise) at 6:04 this morning. 8. My dog (bite) my neighbour yesterday. 9. Last night I (not sleep) well. I (have) a bad dream. 10.1 (write) a letter to my sister after studies yesterday evening. 11. It (be) really cold yesterday. The temperature was three below zero. I nearly (freeze) when I walked home! 12. The police (catch) the bank robbers. 13. I (think) about my plans for my holidays, and I finally decided to go to Paris. 14. Today Paul has a sports jacket, but yesterday he (wear) jeans and a shirt.

6. Speak on the topic «Sports. The Olympic Games». Use the mind map given below.

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