Підручник Англійська мова 7 клас (3-й рік навчання) - Л.І. Морська - Богдан 2015 рік


Lesson 31

1. Listen to the conversation and choose the word you hear.

Mother: Put the (knife/napkin) on the (plate/table).

Son: Where do the (forks/spoons) go?

Mother: Put the (salad/dinner) fork to the left of the (salad/dinner) fork.

Son: What about the (wine/water) glass?

Mother: Put it to the right of the (plate/cup).

Son: And where should I put the (knife/napkin)?

Mother: To the right of the dinner plate. Put the (teaspoon/soupspoon) to the right of the (teaspoon/soupspoon). And that’s it!

2. Using the picture and modals should/shouldn 4 to make up a list of table manners. Use the words and phrases from the box.

Model: You shouldn’t play when you eat.

put elbows on the table, use a fork and a knife, put a napkin on the laps, wear a cap or a hat, wash your hands before you sit at the table, be careful, talk with full mouth

3. Use the expressions given below and make up a conversation to order food in a restaurant.

I’d like the … , please.

For starters I’d like to have the soup and for the main course I’d like the roast beef.

Could I have chips instead of potatoes, please?

Good evening, my name is Hand. I have a table booked for six.

Could we have an extra chair, please?

Could we have a table over there, please?

What is the house special today?

Is there anything you would recommend?

Could I see the menu, please?

Which juice would you recommend?

Have you got the menu in English/German/French …, please?

I’m sorry, but I asked for a table by the window.

4. Listen and read the dialogues. Make up similar ones. Act them out with your partner.

A: Are you here with your brother?

B: Yes, I am.

A: Where is he?

B: He is talking to the boys.

A: Which one is your brother? (Котрий із них твій брат?)

В: The one in the blue jeans and a green shirt. (Той, що у …)

A: The one with fair hair?

B: No, the one with dark hair.

A: Oh, I see.

b) Shop assistant: Can I help you?

A customer: Yes, I am looking for a nice dress.

Shop assistant: Do you want an evening dress or just a casual one?

A customer: Casual.

Shop assistant: Do you want a dress with a pattern (з візерунком) or plain (однотонне)?

A customer: With a pattern, please.

Shop assistant: Try this one, please. It’s a very nice flowered pink dress.

A customer: Oh, I don’t like the pink colour. And I prefer a polka dot pattern (візерунок у горошок). Could you show me that purple dress with long sleeves.

Shop assistant: Here you are.

A customer: Thank you.

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