Підручник Англійська мова 7 клас (3-й рік навчання) - Л.І. Морська - Богдан 2015 рік


Lesson 34

1. Suggest English words for the given definitions.

a) a shop that sells many different items in different departments. Harrods is probably the world’s best known;

b) a large shop that sells mostly food and household items;

c) a shop that sells food;

d) a shop that sells fresh fruit and vegetables;

e) a shop that sells fresh meat;

f) a shop that sells fresh bread and cakes;

g) a shop that sells fresh fish;

h) a shop that sells medicines and toiletries;

i) a shop that sells newspapers and magazines;

j) a shop that sells glasses / contact lenses;

k) a shop that sells nails (цвяхи) and screws (болти);

L) a shop that sells books.

2. Listen and read the text. Do the quiz.


Mrs. Smith went shopping with her son. They looked for a present for Mr. Smith’s birthday. Mrs. Smith wanted to buy him a new camera and Tom wanted to buy him a jumper.

They drove to the department store. Mrs. Smith used the escalator to go to the Electrical Department on the third floor and Tom took the stairs up to the Men’s Clothing Department on the first floor.

When Mrs. Smith got to the Electrical Department she found that they sold cameras in the Photography Department on the ground floor. She took the lift down and asked the shop assistant there for some help.

She didn’t know much about cameras and needed some advice. He recommended an automatic camera by Olympus, but it was too expensive. She asked him if he had anything a little cheaper and he told her about a special offer on the Pentax range. It still was expensive so she thanked the assistant and decided to look around first.

Meanwhile, Tom looked at the jumpers. He only had £10 to spend so he couldn’t afford most of them. He saw his mother and they decided to go to the smaller shops round the corner.

1. How did Mrs. Smith get around the store?

A She took the lift up and the escalator down

В She walked up the stairs and took the lift down

C She walked up and down the stairs

D She took the escalator up and the lift down

2. Did they walk to the shops?

A Yes

В No

3. Did they look for a Christmas present?

A Yes

В No

4. Where did they sell the cameras?

A in the Men’s Clothing Department В in the Electrical Department C in the Photography Department

5. Mrs. Smith went to the shop alone.

A True

В False

6. How much did Tom have to spend?

A £20

В £15

C £10

7. What department did Mrs. Smith go to first?

A The Electrical Department

В The Photography Department

C The Men’s Clothing Department

8. Where did Mrs. Smith and Tom go after the department store?

A To the supermarket round the corner

В To the shops round the corner

C To the bakery round the corner

9. Could Mrs. Smith afford the Olympus camera?

A Yes

В No

10. What department did Tom go to?

A The Women’s Clothing Department

В The Men’s Clothing Department

C The Photography Department

3. Get ready to speak on the topic «Shopping». Use the mind map given below.

4. Listen to the conversation and choose the word you hear.

(Lisa and Susan are making breakfast.)

Lisa: Where is the coffee (cup\pot)?

Susan: I haven’t got one. I have got a coffee (maker\pot). It’s next to the (plate\cup).

Lisa: OK, and where are the (soups\spoons)?

Susan: To the right of the (bread\bottle). Anything else?

Lisa: Bread.

Susan: It’s in the (fridge\freezer). And the (eggs\butter)?

Lisa: Here they are. And don’t forget the (cups\pots).

5. Time to play. Divide the class into two teams. Then take turns to suggest English words you know from this unit that mean the items of clothing and accessories, fruit or vegetables you can buy in shops. The team that names the most number of words wins the game.

6. Listen and read the dialogue. Act it out with your partner. Then make up a similar one.

Mrs. Smith: John, I’m going to the shops. Is there anything you want?

John: Yes, please! Can you pick up my magazine from the newsagent’s?

Mrs. Smith: Of course. Do you want to come with me?

John: No way, I’m going to Mike’s house, sorry.

Mrs. Smith: No problem. Be home by 5 o’clock at the latest.

John: OK. See you later.

7. In what type of a restaurant would you find the following food? Use the dictionary if necessary.

8. Get ready to speak on the topic «Food and Drinks». You can use the mind map given below.

Where do you find… ?

At a….



scones and muffins

fast food restaurant

hamburgers and French fries

vegetarian restaurant


British pub

tuna rolls


fish and chips

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