Підручник Англійська мова 7 клас (3-й рік навчання) - Л.І. Морська - Богдан 2015 рік


Lesson 37

1. Use the given word lists to make up dialogues as it is given in the model.

Model: A: What are your strengths?

В: I am a hard-worker. I’m dependable. And I am always eager to learn new things.

A; Are you a patient person?

В: I try to be.

2. Pair work. Describe your partner’s character. There is a model to help you.

Model: I think you are honest, but sometimes you can tell a lie.

3. Think of and then speak about what kind of person the headmaster should be.

4. a) Listen and read the text.


(Part II)

Cancer (June 22 - July 23).

Many Cancer people are nervous and feel afraid of lots of things. They like to stay at home, and they don’t like to travel. They are good cooks but they don’t like to throw things out. They are rather kind and clever, but sometimes may be selfish and arrogant.

Leo (July 24 — August 23).

Leo people think they are wonderful. They love power. They are inventive. They aren’t shy. Leos are also generous and romantic. They like expensive restaurants.

Virgo (August 24 - September 23).

Virgos are impulsive and tidy. Some Virgos are not romantic, but they are honest. They are calm. Virgos remember small things. Many Virgos are intelligent and reliable, but often shy and deceitful.

Libra (September 24 - October 23).

Libras are sociable and romantic. Some Libras are cold, unfriendly people. They aren’t selfish. They like art and dancing. They are fair and easy-going, but often impulsive and arrogant.

Scorpio (October 24 - November 22).

Scorpios are very strong, but they are also greedy and stubborn. They are hospitable but some Scorpios are cruel. Some Scorpios are very brave, but some of them are dangerous. They are not honest. They don’t like to work with other people.

Sagittarius (November 23 - December 21).

They are brave and kind, but may be rude and cunning. Sagittarians are impatient, but they are also generous. They are not careful with their money. They like to travel, sports, and hobbies.

b) Use the information and say what kind of character is typical for a person if:

1. She is a Horse and a Libra.

2. He is a Dragon and a Sagittarius.

3. She is a Tiger and a Cancer.

4. He is a Pig and a Scorpio.

5. Complete the chart given below by putting V-mark next to zodiac signs. (Use the exercises 8, lesson 35, and 4, lesson 36).





















6. Read the statements and say whether they are true or false.

1. If your birthday is on April 1, you are an Aries.

2. Leos are arrogant.

3. Geminis are serious.

4. Virgos are honest.

5. Pisces are born between 24 October and 22 November.

6. Many Taurus people like to travel.

7. A Sagittarius probably likes football.

8. Aquarius people like swimming.

7. Do you believe what horoscopes say? Describe the people of the following horoscope signs:

Tiger, Capricorn

Monkey, Sagittarius

Rabbit, Taurus

Dragon, Libra

Goat, Leo

Snake, Gemini

Horse, Aquarius

Dog, Scorpio

Rooster, Virgo

8. Get ready to speak about yourself and your family members. Use the mind map given below.

9. Look at the photos in exercise 6, lesson 35. Now say about the stars’ characters according to their zodiac signs.

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