Підручник Англійська мова 7 клас (3-й рік навчання) - Л.І. Морська - Богдан 2015 рік


Lesson 3

1. Listen and read the dialogue. Act it out in pairs.

Buggy: Hello, Jane. Nice to see you.

Jane: Hi, Buggy. Nice to see you, too.

Buggy: Jane, tell me about your family.

Jane: My family is very friendly. It is very large.

Buggy: Have you got a sister or a brother?

Jane: I have got a sister and a brother.

Buggy: What is your sister’s name?

Jane: Her name is Beth.

Buggy: Have you got a cousin?

Jane: Yes, I have got three cousins. Their names are Nick, Laura, and Ted.

Buggy: Where do your aunt and uncle live?

Jane: They live in London.

2. Match the words with their translations.

1. parents

а) племінниця

2. cousin

b) чоловік

3. relative

c) тітка

4. child

d) дружина

5. daughter

e) батьки

6. husband

f) двоюрідний (брат чи сестра)

7. niece

9) родич

8. aunt

h) дочка

9. wife

і) дитина

3. Agree or disagree as in the model. Use the picture of Jane’s family tree.

Model: Mark is Jane’s brother. — Yes, he is.

Victor is Jane’s brother. — No, he isn’t. He is Jane’s father.

1. Sally is Jane’s aunt.

2. Ann is Jane’s aunt.

3. Edward is Jane’s uncle.

4. Mary and Edward are Jane’s grandparents.

5. Sally and Victor are Jane’s parents.

6. Sally is Bill’s wife.

7. Laura is Jane’s cousin.

8. Ted is Bill’s son.

9. Ann and Chris are Mary’s children.

10. Victor is Edward’s son.

11. Tom is Mary’s grandson.

12. Beth is Nick’s cousin.

13. Ted is married.

14. Ted, Mark, and Nick are Edward’s grandchildren.

15. Susan is Jane’s niece.

4. Interview your friend. Use the table given below.




come to see

their friends?

your parents



presents to you?


your friend



your relatives?


your sister




your relatives



your uncle


vegetables and fruit?



5. Ask your classmate about his (her) family (6-8 questions).

Model: Is your family large or small?

How many cousins have you got?

Do your grandparents live in your house/flat?

Have you got an uncle/aunt? How many aunts and uncles have you got?

Where does your uncle/aunt live?

What is your mother’s/father’s name? How old is your mother/father?

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