Підручник Англійська мова 7 клас (3-й рік навчання) - Л.І. Морська - Богдан 2015 рік


Lesson 43

1. Listen and read the dialogue. Act it out in pairs.

Buggy: Jane, you know, yesterday I saw a ghost.

Jane: Don’t be silly, Buggy. Do you believe that ghosts exist ([ig'zist] — існувати)?

Buggy: Well, I didn’t, but yesterday…

Jane: What date was it yesterday?

Buggy: It was 31st of October.

Jane: Buggy, you must know that 31st of October is Halloween. You didn’t see a ghost. Somebody wanted just to frighten you.

Buggy: Oh, no!

2. Read the words and word combinations.




the Earth


Земля (планета)






потойбічний світ

an evil spirit

['i:v(ə)l ’spirit]

злий дух

a witch



a ghost



to frighten away

відлякувати геть




the Day of All Hallows

День усіх святих

3. Listen and read the text. Say whether the sentences after it are true or false. Suggest the true sentences for the false ones.


The story of Halloween goes back to the ancient times. The people who lived in Britain and Ireland thousands of years ago were the Celts. They celebrated the New Year on November 1. Because October 31 was the day when the sun set at its lowest, the Celts believed that the sun entered the underworld for a short time. That’s why the gates of the underworld were open and let the evil spirits appear on the Earth.

The Celts then lit large bonfires, dressed up as witches and ghosts to frighten away the evil spirits. Later, November 1 became a Christian holiday as All Saints Day or All Hallows. The night before that day was the Eve of All Hallows or Halloween.

1. The Celts are the people who live in Britain and Ireland.

2. The Celts celebrated the New Year on the 31st of October.

3. The sun set at its lowest on the 31st of October.

4. The Celts invited the evil spirits on the Earth.

5. The Celts dressed up as witches and ghosts on Halloween.

6. November 1 is the holiday of All Hallows.

7. The Day of All Hallows is not a Christian holiday.

4. Say what you can see in the picture in exercise 3. Use the model.

Model: I can see a boy. He is in a ghost costume. I can also see….

5. Find the rhyming words. Use the dictionary to understand their meaning.

6. You have words in column A and their translations in column B. Match the words with their translations.



1. witch

а) ворота

2. bonfire

b) вогнище

3. eve

c) злий дух

4. evil spirit

d) привид

5. ghost

e) потойбічний світ

6. gates

f) святий

7. saint

g) відьма

8. underworld

h) переддень

7. Game time.

You need six or more pupils and a large space for the game. Pick a «ghost hunter» (мисливця на привидів) and blindfold him/her (зав’яжіть йому/ій очі). The other players or «ghosts» walk around the ghost hunter. He must try to catch one of them. When he catches somebody, this pupil (or ghost) must wail ([weil] — вити) and moan ([maun] — стогнати) like a ghost. The ghost hunter must guess who the ghost is. If the ghost hunter guesses correctly he or she then becomes a ghost and the pupil the ghost hunter caught becomes a new ghost hunter. If not, the ghost goes free and the ghost hunter must try again.

8. Listen and read the Halloween rhymes and learn one of them.


This is the way the witches fly, witches fly, witches fly,

This is the way the witches fly,

Swish, swish, swish.

This is the way the ghosts go by, ghosts go by, ghosts go by,

This is the way the ghosts go by,

Oooh, oooh, oooh.

This is the way the black cats howl, black cats howl, black cats howl,

This is the way the black cats howl,

Meow! Meow! Meow!

This is the way the pumpkins laugh, pumpkins laugh, pumpkins laugh,

This is the way the pumpkins laugh,

Heel Heel Heel

This the way the night owls cry, night owls cry, night owls cry,

This is the way the night owls cry,

Hoo, hoo, hoo.


— Witch, witch, where do you fly?

— Under the clouds and over the sky.

— Wtch, witch, what do you eat?

— Little black apples from Hurricane Street.

— Wtch, witch, what do you drink?

— Vinegar and good red ink.

— Wtch, witch, where do you sleep?

— Up in the clouds where the pillows are cheap.


Wtches, ghosts, and goblins,

Stealing down the street,

Knock on every doorway,

Trick or treat!

When your door is opened,

This is what you meet,

Scary creatures shouting,

Trick or treat!

9. Get ready to retell the Halloween Story. Add some information you know about the way the English children celebrate this holiday.

10. Unscramble the words and make up a sentence with each word.

Ohtsg, tisan, cwhit, dwuolednrr, ebirnof, eev.

Model: ohtsg — ghost

I am afraid of ghosts.

11. Write 6-7 sentences about one of the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Christmas, Halloween.

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