Підручник Англійська мова 7 клас (3-й рік навчання) - Л.І. Морська - Богдан 2015 рік


Lesson 44

1. Listen and read the dialogues. Act them out in pairs.

Dialogue 1

Buggy: Jane, why are you hanging this nice red stocking above your bed?

Jane: Because Santa Claus is going to put presents into my Christmas stocking. Don’t you know?

Buggy: Are you sure?

Jane: Of course, I am.

Buggy: Then give me, please, one little stocking. I am going to hang it above my bed, too.

Dialogue 2

Buggy: Hello, Jane! Where were you last month?

Jane: Oh, I was on holiday.

Buggy: Oh, really? But you were on holiday in January. Jane: Yes, I was in England in January.

Buggy: And where were you last month?

Jane: I was in Florida, the USA.

Buggy: Florida? What was it like?

Jane: Excellent! The weather was wonderful.

2. Find 10 words to the topic «Christmas» in the box of letters given below. Make up 5 sentences with these words.

3. Answer the questions given below. Then ask your partner these questions and let him answer them.

1. Do you like holidays?

2. What holidays do you like and why?

3. Do you send greeting cards to your friends and relatives on holidays?

4. What do you usually write on the cards?

5. Do you often get greeting cards?

6. Who usually sends greeting cards to you?

7. Do you bring a Christmas tree to your home at Christmas?

8. What do you usually decorate your Christmas tree with?

9. Who helps you decorate your Christmas tree?

10. What dishes do you eat at Christmas?

4. Read the words and word combinations and divide them into two groups: 1) those connected with (пов’язані з) the celebration of the New Year; 2) those connected with Christmas celebrations. Some words can go to both groups.

Mary, resolutions, arrival, Times Square in New York City, Bethlehem, a star, a happy occasion, wise men, virgin, merriment, grace, bad habits, the angel, the Son of God, a child, to exchange kisses, Eve, Jesus, Santa Claus, the 25th of December, the 7th of January, the 1st of January, to turn a new leaf.

5. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1. How … you … (spend) Christmas last year? 2. Who(m) … your mother… (invite) to your Christmas party? 3. Our relatives … (come) to see us next month. 4. How … you … (say) «колядка» in English? 5. … you … (sing, can) the carol «Jingle Bells»? 6. Yesterday during our English lesson we … (read) the text about English Christmas and … (sing) Christmas carols.

6. Say whether the following sentences are true or false.

1. The pupils love winter holidays because they have to go to school.

2. The children don’t have to get up early during their holidays.

3. The children like to spend more time outdoors on winter holidays.

4. Winter holidays are not popular.

5. We celebrate Christmas in December.

6. The children like snow, that’s why they like winter holidays.

7. There are no holidays in May.

8. People in Ukraine don’t celebrate Easter.

7. Look at the pictures and say what holidays the people are celebrating. Use the model to help you.

Model: The green hat means (означає) that the people are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

8. Listen and read the dialogue. Act it out in pairs.

Jane: Buggy, it’s Halloween today. Let’s dress up like ghosts and witches and frighten the boys.

Buggy: OK. Then go and bring a broomstick and the paints.

Jane: What do you need the paints for?

Buggy: We are going to paint our faces to look scary ([’skeari] — страшний).

Jane: That’s a good idea. Let’s go.

9. Read the names of holidays and then divide them into four columns according to the names of the countries they are popular in.

April Fool’s Day, Easter, Independence Day, the New Year, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, 8th of March, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Old New Year, St. Valentine’s Day, Queen’s birthday




All three countries

10. Read the sentences and ask special questions to each of them.

1. In summer the English people visit their relatives. 2. Autumn is the beginning of the schoolyear for all English schoolchildren. 3. On the 1st of April the English children like to play jokes and tricks on other people. 4. The Celts celebrated the New Year on November 1. 5. The gates of the underworld were open and let the evil spirits appear on the Earth on the 1st of November.

11. Speak about your favourite holiday.

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