Підручник Англійська мова 7 клас (3-й рік навчання) - Л.І. Морська - Богдан 2015 рік


Lesson 49

1. Listen and read the dialogue. Act it out in pairs.

Jane: Did you hear the weather forecast ([’foikcust] — прогноз погоди) for today, Buggy?

Buggy: Yes, I did. It’s going to rain today. Don’t forget your umbrella.

Jane: Should I wear a warm sweater, Buggy?

Buggy: You’d better put it on. It is going to be rather cold today.

2. Look at the picture, listen and read the weather forecast. Then say whether the sentences are true or false. Correct the false sentences.

Good evening, and here is the weather forecast for tonight. Scotland is going to be cold and it is going to snow a little. In the northeast it is going to be a wet day and the rain may move to Wales and the Midlands during the afternoon. In the east it is going to be generally dry, but dull and cloudy. In the south and the southwest it is going to be a bright clear evening with sunshine, but it may rain during the night. In the southeast it may be foggy. It may be windy.

1. It is going to be a good evening in the southwest of England.

2. It is going to rain in the northeast.

3. The evening is going to be clear in the southeast.

4. It is not going to rain in the south.

5. It may rain in the Midlands and Wales.

6. It is going to snow in Wales.

3. Look at the picture and decode (розшифруйте) the letters and letter combinations.

Model: SW — southwest 4. Read the rhymes and learn one of them.


Here we go round the year again,

The year again, the year again.

Here we go round the year again,

To greet the different seasons.

Wintertime is time for snow.

To the south, the birds will go.

It’s too cold for plants to grow

Because it is the winter.

In the springtime, days grow warm.

On the plants, the new buds form.

Bees and bugs come out to swarm

Because it is the spring.

In summertime, the days are hot.

Ice cold drinks I drink a lot!

At the beach, I’ve got a spot

Because it is the summer.

Autumn is here, the air is cool.

Days are short, it’s back to school.

Raking leaves is now the rule

Because it is autumn.


In the North it’s snowing, and in the South it’s hot.

In the East the wind is blowing, and in the West it’s not.

In the South the sun is shining, and in the West the sky is blue.

In the East it’s raining, and in the North it’s raining, too.

5. Look at the pictures and say what mistakes the painter made.

Model: A snowman doesn’t exist in spring. It doesn’t snow in spring. The snow usually melts in spring. You can see snowmen in winter.

6. Practise as it is given in the model.

Model: Rains/warm — The rains in autumn are not as warm as they are in summer. The rains in spring are warmer than in autumn. They are the warmest in summer.

1. leaves/green

2. snow/much

3. sun/warm

4. water/cold

5. sky/cloudy

6. fruit/tasty

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