Підручник Англійська мова 7 клас (3-й рік навчання) - Л.І. Морська - Богдан 2015 рік


Lesson 58

1. Listen and read the dialogue. Act it out in pairs.

Mykhallyk: Jane, have you got friends from Britain?

Jane: Are you kidding? (Ти жартуєш?) I am British.

Mykhallyk: Ate you British? You are not. You are English.

Jane: That means the same. The English, the Scotts, the Welsh and the

Irish — they all are from the UK and we call them the British.

Mykhallyk: I see (тепер зрозуміло).

2. Make up dialogues as it is given in the model. Act your dialogues with your partner.

Model: A: Are you Hungarian?

B: Yes, we are.

A: Are you Chinese? (Japanese)

B: No, I am not. I am Japanese.

1. Polish? (Yes)

2. French? (Spanish)

3. Greek? (Bulgarian)

4. Spanish? (Yes)

5. German (Australian)

6. Brazilian (Yes)

3. Read the words with their translations.

the British Isles

Британські острови

Northern Ireland

Північна Ірландія

the Irish Sea

Ірландське море

the North Sea

Північне море

the English Channel

Англійський канал

to be situated

бути розташованим

to be separated (by)

бути розділеним

to be washed (by)

бути омитим










4. Look at the map and listen to the text. Then say whether the statements given after it are true or false.

The Land and the People of Great Britain

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the UK) Is the official name of the country which Is situated on the British Isles. That’s why when people say "Great Britain», or the United Kingdom, "Britain», or just the UK» they mean the same — the country which you can see on the map.

It has got four parts: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The English people (the English) live In England, the Scotts live In Scotland, the Welsh live In Wales, and the Irish — In Northern Ireland.

The UK Is separated from Europe by the English Channel. The country Is also washed by the Atlantic Ocean In the north and the North Sea In the east. The largest of the British Isles — Ireland and Great Britain — are separated by the Irish Sea.

1. The UK Is situated on the British Isles.

2. Great Britain Is separated from Europe by the Irish Sea.

3. The names "Great Britain", or the United Kingdom, "Britain" and "the UK" mean different countries.

4. The Scotts live In Northern Ireland.

5. In the north the UK Is washed by the Atlantic Ocean.

6. The United Kingdom has got three parts.

5. Study the table given below.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland





The UK


the British





the English





the Scotts





the Welsh



Northern Ireland


the Irish




Names of seas, oceans, channels, rivers, groups of islands

The Atlantic Ocean, the Irish Sea, the English Channel, the Thames, the British Isles

Names of single Islands, lakes, single mountains, streets, countries, continents (but: the USA, the UK and others having the words "Union" «Kingdom «United» In their name)

Ireland. (Island) Great Britain, France, lake Ontario, Everest (but the Urals, the Carpathians), Downing Street, Europe

6. Fill in the blanks with the correct article.

1…. Chicago Is called "The Windy City". 2…. Australia Is an Island continent. 3. There Is a song about … Kansas City. 4. … Scotland is a part of … United Kingdom. 5…. Canada is tho second largest country In the world. 6…. Kingdom of Morocco Is south of… Spain. 7. … United Kingdom is aiso called … UK. 8. My car was made In … USA. 9…. United Arab Emirates is a small country.

7. Answer the questions.

1. Where Is the UK situated?

2. What are the parts of the United Kingdom?

3. What language do the Scotts speak?

4. What ocean is the UK washed by?

5. What separates the UK from Europe?

6. What city Is the capital of Great Britain?

7. What are the largest of the British Isles?

8. What Is the capital of Northern Ireland?

9. Where do the Welsh live?

8. Pat the verbs in brackets into the be going to form.

1. Did you remember to book seats? — Oh no. I forgot. I (telephone) for them now. 2. The fire Is going out! — So It Is. I (go) and get some sticks. 3. He Is in hospital with a broken leg. — I'm sorry to hear that I (send) him some apples. 4. I cant understand this letter. — I (call) my son. He (translate) it for you. 5. You (buy) meat? — No, I (not eat) meat any more. I (eat) vegetables. 6. You have bought a lot of paint. You (redecorate) your kitchen? 7. What you (do) when you grow up? — I (be) a pilot. 8. This dress is too long. What you (do) with It? — I (shorten) the skirt. 9. That tree makes the house very dark. — Very well, I (cut) it down. 10. How do I get from here to London Bridge? — I don’t know, but I (ask) that policeman.

9. Use the mind-map to speak about your travelling habits.

10. Make up the outline of the text in exercise 4 and retell it.

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