Підручник Англійська мова 7 клас (3-й рік навчання) - Л.І. Морська - Богдан 2015 рік


Lesson 63

1. Liston and read the dialogue. Act it out in pairs.

Pete: Hi, Sue! You changed schools, didn't you?

Sue: Yes. that's true.

Pete: How's your new school?

Sue: Well, it's very nice. It's big, spacious — просторий) and the teachers are very kind and friendly.

Pete: Do you have new friends already?

Sue: Yes, I have a lot of friends in my new class. I have a seat In the front row (у передньому ряду), and my partner. Is a very clever girl. Her name Is Lucy.

She is a real friend.

2. Maks up sentences out of the given words and translate them into Ukrainian.

1. much, learn, can, we, the, lessons, at, of, about, nature, biology, the.

2. of, History, the, world, lessons, the, Interesting, are, very.

3. five, every, we. lessons, or, have, day, four.

4. many, English, you, a, do, week, have, how, lessons?

5. can't, why, the, you, lessons, stand, literature, of, Ukrainian, the?

6. at, is, Biology, favourite, sub|ect, my, school.

3. Read the words and word combinations with their translations.

to subtract



to multiply



to add

fad I


to divide



a plant



to memorize


запам'ятовувати, вмити


to do the sums

виконувати математичні


5. Read the expressions which mean the activities yon do at different school lessons and match them with the names of the appropriate subjects.



1. to subtract

a) Physical training

2. to leam language rules

b) Mathematics

3. to multiply

c) The Ukrainian literature

4. to skip

d) The Ukrainain language

5. to add

e) Biology

6. to sing and play musical instruments

f) History

7. to make experiments with the plants

g) English

8. to divide

h) The labour lesson

9. to draw pictures

1) Music

10. to run

J) Foreign literature

11. to memorize the words

k) Drawing

12. to read

13. to write different sentences and stories

14. to make things with your own hands

15. to do the sums

16. to leam about the past

5. Look at the pictures of the textbook covers ([kʌvə] — обкладинка) and name the textbooks using the names of the subjects from the box.

History, English, the Ukrainian literature, The Ukrainian language. Mathematics, Biology

Read the word combinations and write them down in figures. Model: four hundred and sixty-two — 462

eight hundred and forty-seven — B47

one thousand two hundred and twelve —1212

one hundred and thirty-three

seven hundred and sixty

one thousand five hundred and two

three hundred and forty-five

six hundred and four

two thousand nine hundred and thirteen

eight hundred and ninety-six

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