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A long, long time ago, there was no calendar In China. Since people didn't have means to measure time, they didn't know when to grow crops and when to expect seasonal changes. It was such an Inconvenience!

Jade Emperor, the almighty Chinese God, took note of the situation and wanted to help. He announced that he would set up a system that runs in a 12- year cycle. He called it the Chinese Zodiac. He offered to hold a contest on his birthday. The first twelve animals of his kingdom to arrive at the finish line would receive the honor of having a year named after It. All animals were very excited!

Rat was ambitious. It wanted to win the first prize. Yet, It had two problems. The first was about the timing. Because the race would start at the crack of dawn. Rat was afraid that It could not wake up on time. The second was about the route. As the finish line would be directly beyond a swift river, Rat needed to find a way to cross the current. Just when Rat was contemplating a solution, It bumped Into Its best friend, Cat. After a lengthy discussion, the two animals came up with a brilliant Idea. They decided to solicit help from Ox. Rat and Cat figured that Ox — always being an early riser and a good swimmer — could wake them up before sunrise and carry them across the river. With their minds made up, Rat and Cat went to see Ox. Out of kindness, Ox agreed to help. Hence, the three animals formed an alliance. They promised to help each other, so they could share the first prize.

On the day of the race, Ox woke up Rat and Cat and put them on Its back. Just when Ox was half way across the river, Rat had a second thought about the plan. It wondered, 'Why should I share the glory with Cat? Look at It! It just lies on Ox's back sleeping! What a lazy animal Cat Is! Come to think of it what If Cat decides not to honor the agreement? It runs fast. Surety. It can get to the finish line before I do. once Ox reaches the bank." Eager to win, Rat decided to get rid of Cat. It quietly crept next to Cat and gave It a push. SPLASH! Cat fell Into the river. Not knowing how to swim, Cat called out for help. To Its horror, Rat pretended not to hear Its pleas and urged Ox to keep on moving.


By Beth Beutler

Derrick was excited. Kindergarten was cancelled this morning due to a snowstorm. He planned to go outside and build his very first "all by myself snowman. He was now five years old and was strong enough to roll the sparkly dean snow Into three balls the size of a bottom, middle, and head. His mother came outside with him, but he didn't want her help this time.

"I can do It myself. Mom." he called.

"Okay, sweetie," she said with a smile. He surely was growing up. Her breath made puffs of frost in front of her face as she proudly watched Derrick work. "Why don't I get you some clothes for the snowman?" she called.

"Okay, Mom," Derrick agreed.

Derrick's mom headed into the house. She gathered some buttons, a carrot, a scarf, mittens, and a hat. When she came back out, Derrick was lifting a large snowball onto an even bigger one.

Derrick's mom watched for a few minutes. She remembered that just last year Derrick wasn't quite strong enough to create the snowman himself. While she watched, he began to roll one more ball. This one was a little smaller. He carefully placed It on top of the other two.

«Okay, Mom. Let me have the stuff."

Derrick placed the buttons, scarf, and carrot on the snowman. He found some sticks to make arms. Then he attached the mittens. He stepped back to look at his new friend.

«Hey, Mom! What do you think?" he asked.


By Sharon Fabian

Ireland, a small Island country In the Atlantic Ocean near England, has gone through many changes. Ever since the Ice Age, both the land and the people of Ireland have faced changes. During the Ice Age glaciers changed the land Itself, wearing down the mountains and carving bays Into the coastline. The Irish people have changed over time too. When we think of early Irish people, we usually think of the Celts. The Celts came to Ireland around 500 BC. They were Iron Age people who worshipped nature and lived in small kingdoms. Their Celtic language was the basis for the modern Irish language, also called Gaelic.

One of Ireland’s early heroes was St. Patrick. At first, he came to Ireland as a slave, but he escaped and became a Christian priest. Later he retumed to Ireland to help the Irish people. St. Patrick started monasteries where Irish people and others could get a classical education. Influenced by St. Patrick, most of the Celtic people became Christian.

In the 17th century, Ireland was taken over by England.

Ireland is a country full of amazing culture and heritage. This island country In the north Atlantic Is known for Its free-spirited and friendly natives, its beautiful green landscapes and its art and music. Ireland's history spans thousands of years, but many of Ireland's great traditions from the past are present today.

One of Ireland’s earliest traditions Is the art of storytelling. Thousands of years ago, Irish storytellers told great tales of heroes, fairies, and the gods. In fact, the oldest epic poem of Europe Is an Irish story. About 4,00 AD, when writing was Introduced to Ireland, many of the stories were recorded and new ones were created.

Some Irish musicians put these stories to music. Ireland's musical tradition dates back as far as those early storytellers. The music of Ireland helped to shape much of Western music as it exists today. Traditional Irish music usually features strong and clear singing over upbeat and cheerful music. Irish musicians play a number of stringed Instruments, many of which can be found in today's bluegrass and country music bands.


By Kathleen Redman

Lisa the Lizard was sad. She was going to a party. The party was for St. Patrick's Day. Everyone was wearing green. Donna the Dog was wearing a green collar. Connie the Cat was wearing a green bow. Henry the Horse was wearing a green blanket. Cleo the Chicken was wearing a green hat. Lisa didn't have anything green. She was sad.

"Don't be silly," Donna said.

"Don't be silly," Connie said.

"Don't be silly," Henry said.

«Don't be silly," Cleo said.

"I'm not silly," Lisa said.

"I don't have anything green to wear."

"Yes, you do." Donna said.

"Yes, you do." Connie said.

"Yes, you do," Henry said.

"Yes, you do," Cleo said.

"No, I don't." Lisa sald. "I don't have anything green to wear."

"You are silly," Donna said.

"Yes, you are silly," Connie said.

"You are wearing green," Henry said.

"You are wearing your skin." Cleo said. "Your skin Is green!"

"You are right," Lisa sald. «I am green!"

The friends all laughed. They walked to the party together.

It was a very good party. They all had fun. Lisa won a prize because she was wearing more green than anyone else!


By Brenda B. Covert

Early Sunday morning. Madelyne sang out, "Mom, are you up? Happy Mother's Day!"

With a sigh, Madelyne's mother, Erica, climbed out of bed. Madelyne sang a Happy Mother's Day song to the tune of ’Happy Birthday to You," which was followed by Alyssa's teenage voice telling Madelyne to tone It down.

"What are we having for breakfast?' was Carter's greeting In the kitchen. Erica noticed that no one had made breakfast for her.

"Cold cereal," Erica replied with a sigh. Why hadn't she at least bought some delicious pastries for breakfast? As much as the effort to give herself a special day would have bothered her. seeing that the kids weren't making any effort was worse. Furthermore, she didn't like cold cereal. She missed her husband. Scott, and felt resentful that he was off serving his country In the military instead of spending Mother's Day with her.

She and the children rushed around getting ready for church. Oddly, Madelyne was acting a lot happier than normal, practically giddy. It was highly irritating.

At the car Erica discovered a corsage box In her seat. "What's this?" Surprised, she opened the door and reached for the box. In It was a white orchid.

"Put it on! Put It on!" Madelyne exclaimed, dancing around.

Carter climbed Into the back seat as If nothing unusual had happened. A little grin played on his face.

"Did you do this?" Erica asked. She pinned the flower to her shoulder and got in the car.

І think an angel must have left It for you," Madelyne sald with exaggerated care from the backseat.

Later that morning, they left church and headed down the sidewalk to the parking lot.


By Phyllis Naegell

’What's wrong?" Mom asked Shelly as the young girl came Into the kitchen and plopped down on a chair.

Shelly pouted and crossed her amts. "Today Is the last day of school!"

T know. Aren't you excited about having the whole summer off?" asked Mom.

Shelly burst Into tears. "Not without Kristy!" she sobbed, putting her head In her hands.

"Oh," said Mom, shaking her head In sympathy as she walked over to the table and put her hands on Shelly's shoulders to console her. Slowly, Shelly composed herself.

"Kristy Is my best friend, Mom. What I am going to do alt summer without her?"

"It will be OK. After all, It's not the whole summer. She’s just going to her grandparents until the end of July," said Mom.

Shelly got up from the table, walked over to the counter, and grabbed her lunch. «But It's such a long time." she said, pouting again.

"It will go by qulckty. Is Kristy still coming over after school today?"

'I think so," said Shelly as she picked up her backpack and put her lunch Inside the pack.

"Then I will see you both this afternoon," sald Mom, ushering Shelly out the door as the bus drove up to the end of the driveway.

«Bye, Mom," said Shelly, hanging her head and walking slowly to the bus.

Shelly got on the bus and sat down next to Kristy. "Have you been crying, too?" asked Kristy.


By Sharon Fabian

At the grocery story, you can buy fresh Red Delicious, Gala, or Fuji apples to eat.

You can buy Golden Delicious or Granny Smith apples to make a pie from scratch.

You can buy a gallon of cider made from Winesap apples. You just pick out what you want and pay at the cash register.

If you had your own apple orchard, apples would be a busy, year-around job.

Apple growers schedule tasks all year long In order to have a good harvest In the fall and to get the apples to your grocery store while they are still fresh. When you work In an apple orchard, you keep busy.

Early In the spring, you will be out In the orchard fertilizing the trees and planting new trees. Maybe you are just replacing a few old trees that no longer produce many apples, or maybe you are adding rows of trees to enlarge your orchard or to try a new variety of apples.

Soon the trees begin to show their pink and white blooms. Don’t spend too much time admiring the flowers! You need to rent some bee hives to pollinate all of your trees.

You don’t want your trees to grow lots of tiny apples. You want to grow nice big ones, so after the blooms fade you start checking your trees to see If the buds need to be thinned. Maybe you will thin them by hand, or maybe you will use chemicals to do the job.


By Both Bout for

"Halloween" conjures up different reactions in people within America and around the world. America has made Halloween a fun, and commercial, holiday, unlike some other countries. There 1$ an old Celtic belief that souls of those who have passed away revisit the earth on October 31, and many countries have more serious traditions to honor the dead. Some, like America, use the night to have some fun. Unfortunately, some folks use the night as a time to play tricks on others, and that could happen in any country.

In some countries, "Halloween" may not even occur on October 31. Celebrations with other names may occur November I or at other times of the fall or even summer. Here's a sampling of what other people do to celebrate «Halloween" or festivals that honor the dead.

Mexico: El Dla de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) — The holiday begins the night of October 31, continuing on November I with All Saints Day and November 2 with All Soul’s Day. These may be considered by many Mexicans as the most Important celebrations of the year. Mexicans use these days as an opportunity to decorate the graves of family and friends who have passed away. November 1 focuses on children who have died, and November 2, on adults. People often set up altars with food to welcome the souls for a visit.

Italy: On November 1 In Siclly, children anticipate that they will awaken on November 2 to sweets and toys left by their dead relatives. Does that feel creepy to you?


By Phyllis Naegoll

Pumpkins aren't Just for jack-o'-lanterns. This member of the squash family that we normally eat as a vegetable is really the world's largest fruit. The current world record holder grew a pumpkin that weighed 1,337.6 pounds. Now that's a giant fruit! They are also quite colorful. Different varieties come in white, yellow, and orange. The bright orange ones we usually think of are the Connecticut Held variety. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think a jack-o’-lantem would be quite the same If It was made from a white pumpkin.

When pumpkin seeds are planted In the ground, they grow Into vines. Bright yellow-orange flowers bloom along the vine. Then, as the flowers wither, beneath them the little green pumpkin begins to grow. Pumpkins take quite awhile to mature. From planting to harvest Is about four months. By October, about eighty percent of the pumpkins grown In the United States are on hand. Just In time for Halloween.

Pumpkins are nutritious too. They are high In vitamin A. vitamin B. and potassium. They are low In calories, low In salt, and contain no cholesterol. They are used In many recipes. Breads, cookies, pies, and soup are made from pumpkins. The pilgrims hollowed out pumpkins, added milk, honey, and spices. It was then baked In hot ashes making the first pumpkin pie. They also used the flowers and leaves In salads. Yes. they are edible too.


A long time ago there were no cars. It was hard to go from place to place. People walked. People rode horses. People drove horses with wagons or buggies. Today, people still walk and use horses. But they also drive cars. Cars are faster. Cars are comfortable.

Do you know who Invented cars?

Many people think a French man named Nicolas Cugnot did. He made the first car In 1769. The first car had only three wheels. It did not use gas. It used steam! Nicolas Cugnot was also the first man In a car crash. He drove his car Into a brick wall! When he drove his car, he was only moving about as fast as you can walk.


By Trlsta L. Pollard

Satellite bright, satellite bright,

Will you be the first satellite I see tonight?

Orbiting above our sky so high.

Sending signals to cell phones and televisions nearby …

The poem is right about satellites orbiting above our planet. However, unlike stars, we do not see these satellites In our sky at night The moon Is the earth's natural satellite. Satellites are objects that revolve around another object. Scientists have designed the many satellites that orbit our planet Once In orbit, they need to move at an orbital velocity of five miles per second (8 kilometers per second) to stay in orbit. When a satellite slows down, It leaves Its orbit and falls back to earth. The satellite burns up when It enters earth's atmosphere.

Each satellite has a radio transmitter to send signals and a receiver to pick up signals. This allows the satellite to send Information back to earth. Scientists can also control the satellite from earth. They send signals to tell the satellite to tum on or off or to change position. There are five types of satellites. Research satellites are used to take measurements in outer space. These satellites send back Information about magnetic fields and properties of other planets and other celestial objects we cannot see from earth. One famous research satellite Is the Hubble Space Telescope.


By Vickie Chao

On May 2,1933, a British newspaper, the Invemess Courier, printed a story that later created a worldwide sensation. The story was about an extraordinary experience of an ordinary couple in Scotland. According to the newspaper, Mr. and Mrs. Mackay, who were hotel owners, spotted a monster in Loch Ness on April 14. ('’Loch" means lake" In Scottish.) They reportedly saw "an enormous animal rolling and plunging on the surface." Right away, the sighting set off a media frenzy. All major British newspapers tried to get the Inside story. The excitement was contagious. Soon, the foreign press picked up the story, too. Almost overnight, the Loch Ness monster, nicknamed Nessle, became an international star. It made Loch Ness a very popular vacation spot. As tourists Docked to Scotland, they had one goal In mind. They wanted to see Nessle. Many swore they did. But their so-called «evidence» turned out to be a hoax.

In the early morning of April 19, 1934, a surgeon by the name of Robert K. Wilson went on a hunting trip near Loch Ness. While he was driving, he noticed something moving In the water. He stopped his car to Inspect. As he gazed toward the lake, he saw a slender neck of a serpent rising out of the water. By chance, he had a camera with him at the time.

So he quickly snapped a picture to document what he saw. This very photograph, published by the Daily Mail, became the image of Nessle. It was living proof that the Loch Ness monster was not a mere legend. It was real!

Now fast forward sixty years to March 12, 1994. An ailing old man named Christian Spurting made a startling confession on his deathbed. He admitted that the Surgeon’s Photo was a fake.

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