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UNIT 3. Food and Cooking

3.4. Let's have a bite

Word Box

Phrase Box

Communication Box: How to


to accept an invitation

Make an Invitation


to have a word with

What about going to … ?

Pizza Hut


I’d like to invite you … .


to have a bite

Would you be able to come … .


Let’s go … for … .

I’d be delighted to … .

Thanks a lot for thinking of me, but … .

Well, it sounds like fun!

I’m awfully sorry, but … .

Let’s make it round about … .

I. Conversation Warm-up

Look at the pictures and say where you would like to invite your friend for a bite.


Pizza Hut


Ice cream cafe

Example: I would like to invite my friend to a cafeteria, because there are so many tasty desserts there.

II. Pronunciation Warm-up

Read the quotations of great people about food and practise sentence stress. Comment on one of the quotes.

III. Function Smart

Read and learn how to make invitations. Look at the pictures and fill in the minidialogues.


- I’d like to invite you to … . They have a great choice of pizza here.

- Oh, thank you. I’d be delighted to go.

Pizza Hut


- I’m going to have a … . Would you be able to come on Sunday?

- Sounds great, thank you.

birthday party


- Ann and I are wondering if you are free on Saturday.

Would you like to go to . with us?

- Thanks a lot for thinking of me, but I have to look after my little sister. My parents are away on business.



- Hey … . What about going to a … ?

- Thank you, I’d love to. I have a sweet tooth, you know.

Ice cream cafe


- I say, Ann, let’s go to a … for … around 5 o’clock.

- I’m awfully sorry, but I have my sports training at that time.

cafeteria, a sweet

IV. Word Smart

1. Fill in the chart with food you usually have for a snack.





Example: I usually have a sausage or cheese sandwich for a snack.

a) Interview your friends and find out:

1. What your friends prefer for a snack;

2. How often they have a snack out;

3. What their favourite place for eating out is.

b) Present your findings to the class.

Example: A: I say, Ann, what do you usually have for a snack?

B: I like to have a piece of pie.

A: Do you often have a snack in a cafe?

B: From time to time.

A: What is your favoutire cafe?

B: For me, I like to go to ‘Pizza Hut’ with my friends.

A: I’ve found out that Ann likes to have a pie for a snack. She has a snack in a cafe from time to time. Her favourite place is Pizza Hut.

2. In pairs, discuss your food preferences for a bite as in the pattern.


A: I say, … , I’m a little hungry. Let’s … .

B: Oh, I’d love to. What about … ?

A: Oh, what is … ?

B: As for me, … is to my taste. And … ?

A: I differ. I prefer … instead.

B: Ok. Let’s … and … .

A: Agreed.

At Home: Write about your last visit to a cafe for a bite.

V. Time to Read

1. Read / listen to the dialogue of two friends and say:

2. What event one of them is going to celebrate;

3. Where the event will take place;

4. When this event will be.

Celebrating Together

Helen: Hey, Ann. Are you waiting for me?

Ann: Exactly. I’d like to have a word with you.

Helen: What’s happened? Can I be of any help?

Ann: Thank you, Helen, but it’s not about school. I am going to celebrate my 14-th birthday on Saturday. Would you be able to come?

Helen: Thank you for the invitation. I’d be delighted to, Ann. Saturday, did you say?

Ann: That’s right. Saturday afternoon.

Helen: Will you be celebrating your birthday at home? I like your mum’s speciality - an apple pie. Now that I’m talking about it, it makes my mouth water.

Ann: I’m awfully sorry, Helen, but I’ve invited nearly half of my class and mum says we’d better go and celebrate at the “Orange” cafe. There’ll be more space for dancing, games and different funny competitions.

Helen: That sounds great.

Ann: And besides, mum knows that you love her apple pie. This time it’ll be a real English apple pie with custard.

Helen: Custard? What is it?

Ann: It’s a surprise! Come to my birthday party and see for yourself.

Helen: By all means! I think you’ll have a great party.

Ann: Ok, then, let’s make it round about 2 o’clock on Saturday.

Helen: Agreed.

Across Cultures: Great Britain

custard - mixture of sweetened milk and eggs and flour for pouring over sweet foods, like pies.

2. Fill in the right form of the word.

Example: I want to invite you to the cafe.


1. …son your birthday!


2. Pizza Hut is one of the city’s … .


3. I’ve already sent … cards to my friend.


4. I like all those funny … .


5. Thank you, girls, for your … .


6. I like the … in your house with many-coloured balloons.


3. Look at the English apple pie with custard that Helen’s mum has baked for her daughter’s birthday and name its ingredients.

• flou

VI. Time to Communicate

1. Act as Helen and describe your future birthday party at the “Orange” cafe.

to invite classmates; to accept an invitation; to like somebody’s speciality; to have more space for…; to make one’s mouth water; to be a surprise; to see something for oneself; to make it round about; …

2. In pairs, invite your friend to a cafe for a special occasion as in the pattern. Pattern:

A: Hey, … . I’d like to invite you … .

B: Thank you for … . I’d be delighted … . When … ?

A: Sunday afternoon. Will you … ? I like … . Now I’m talking about it and

B: I’m awfully sorry, but … . Mum says … .

A: That sounds great!

B: And besides, … .

A: … .? What is it?

B: It’s a surprise! Come to my … and … .

A: Of course. I think it’ll be … .

B: Then, let’s make it round … .

A: Agreed.

VII. Time to Listen

1. Listen to the story “A Wise Decision” and say what it was.

2. Listen to the story again and role-play it.

VIII. Time to Write

Write a letter to your friend and describe your meal in a cafe. Use:

• Once my friend invited me…

• I accepted the invitation and…

• I like the cafe, because…

• Besides…

• There was a lot of space…

• We were delighted…

• … my mouth watered…

• It was great fun…

• But a real surprise was when…

• It was great…

• Next time…

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