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UNIT 5. A Qvestion of Sport

5.1. Sports popular in Ukraine

Word Box

Phrase Box

Communication Box








track and field events sports person

to make progress in something

to score a goal

to set / break a record

to train strenuously

How do you feel about doing something?

On the one hand… , on the other hand.

I. Conversation Warm-up

Look at the photos and say which of these sports are popular in your country and which of them you would like to try.

Example: Swimming is popular in Ukraine among boys and girls, but I want to try tennis.

II. Pronunciation Warm-up

Listen to the Sports Chant. Practise the sounds (η)/, /ɔ:/. Say which sport is your favourite.

Sports Chant

- How do you like sport?

- A lot, a lot.

- Jogging or bowling?

Skiing or skating?

Swimming or wrestling?

- These ones and more,

Three or four.

III. Grammar Smart

1. Look and recall.

If you want to speak about:

• things that have happened recently/just/ already use the Present Perfect Tense.

I have just bought a new football.

• actions which have taken place today (this year/month/week) the Present Perfect Tense.

Our basketball team has won the game today.

a) In chain, play the ‘Chinese whispers’ grammar game.

Example: Ann (to Bob): I have joined a tennis club today.

Bob (to Victor): Ann has joined a tennis club today.

b) Read William’s story about his sport experience and say what has happened in his sport life.

William’s Sport Experience

I’m a big admirer of football and I have participated in nearly all school football matches this year. But on my birthday my parents presented me with a tennis racquet. Why not try? So I have signed up for tennis at our city tennis club. I thought it would be fun to play tennis, on the one hand, and that it would be easy for me, a footballer, to play it, on the other hand. Surprisingly, it was not that easy. I have already had two weeks of training. I have made no progress at all. At the end of this week a terrible thing happened. There was the first tennis tournament for beginners like me, and I lost all the games. To crown it all, I broke my tennis racquet. So the moral is - never be too sure of your sporting abilities.

Example: William has participated nearly in all school matches.

2. Read and remember.

If you don’t know who does or did the action, and you are interested in the action itself rather than the person who has done it, use the Present Perfect Passive.

a) In pairs, play a grammar transformation game.

Example: A: Our tennis players have won the first place today.

B: The first place has been won by our tennis players today.

1. The athletes have just finished the game.

2. Our coach has already given us new protective clothing.

3. My parents have presented me with a new tennis racquet.

4. Our team has won a basketball competition.

5. I have read an interesting article about American professional sports.

6. My friend has invited me to the stadium to watch a new football match.

b) Look at the star map (p. 133) and say what sport achievements have been made by children recently.

Example: The 1st place in hockey has been taken by Jeremy.

IV. Word Smart

Study the words and phrases and say: a) What kinds of sport are:

the most interesting to you;

the most exotic (exciting);

the most common.

the best for keeping fit;

the most (least) dangerous;

Explain why.

Example: Cycling is the most attractive to me, because it develops my muscles. Besides, it’s fun to go cycling.

b) Say which category the sporting activities (p. 134) belong to and which of them is especially popular among your friends.











Non contact








Example: Basketball is a team sport and we can play it indoors in winter and outdoors in summer. I think it’s popular with many teenagers as it needs energy and speed.

Sporting Activities

c) Read the e-mails on the websites of famous Ukrainian athletes from their fans and fill in the missing words from the box (p. 135). Speak about one of them.

Dear Yevhen,

I always watch when you play in the European football matches as the best forward. You are my favourite … . You have scored some memorable … . Not for nothing you are compared to world famous football players like Mark Rooney, or David Beckham. I think there is no other scorer as good as you. You show everyone that Ukrainian players can be strong and unrivalled. Your success is sure to raise the . of Ukraine. I want to be a footballer like you and this year I have … up for football.


Dear Volodymyr,

Due to your victories, . has become a very popular sport in Ukraine. I think you are the … man in the world. I always support you in international … and I’m proud that you have become world . in the most prestigious weight categories. Many young promising … like Olexander Usyk follow your example and also bring fame to Ukraine. I wish all of you every success.


Dear Olena,

My heart swelled with pride when I was watching the winter … in Sochi on TV. You are the greatest … I know. You showed all of us that this sport may be very … if you work hard. You are a model … for me and my friends and we have also decided to take up biathlon.


attractive goals pitches footballer biathlon athletes signed boxing strongest championships champion prestige competitor Olympic Games sportsman

At Home: In writing, describe the sports you’d like to take up.

V. Time to Read

1. Read/listen to the conversation betiveen Taras and Ann and say what their preferences in sport are.

About Sport Preferences

Taras: Hi, Ann. Where are you hurrying to? To the tennis court? Are you a tennis player?

Ann: Poor guess. To the palace of sport, of course. Today is the city championship in rhythmic gymnastics and I have been invited to it. My favourite gymnast, Miss ‘Elegance’ of the world, Anna Rizatdinova, will take part in it.

Taras: Rhythmic gymnastics? Is it the one in which gymnasts perform with a ball, a ribbon, a hoop, a rope or clubs?

Ann: Exactly. I think, it is the most elegant and graceful sport, although it requires a lot of skill to become proficient at it.

Taras: My elder sister adores rhythmic gymnastics and she says that Ukraine is one of the world leaders in this sport.

Ann: She is right. At different times, the Ukrainian school of rhythmic gymnastics has won world and European championships due to our famous coaches Albina and Iryna Deriugina. The Deriugina Cup has held the Grand Prix Competition with the support of the International Gymnastics Federation, you know. By the way, I have been given two tickets. How do you feel about going together?

Taras: Thank you for inviting me, Ann, but this sport is not for me. I prefer track and field events, instead.

Ann: I know you are the best at long and high jump and a good runner at that.

Taras: This year I have also been chosen for to participate in our city competition.

Ann: My heartiest congrats! I’m sure you’ll set new records in your favourite sport and our school athletes will win a victory and become city champions.

Taras: At least we’ll try to do our best. Our coach says I’ve made good progress, especially in running.

Ann: So, I wish you well, Taras.

Taras: Thanks. And you, Ann, enjoy the championship.

Ann: Sure, I will.

Across Cultures: Ukraine

The Deriugina Cup - змагання на кубок Дерюгіної, що проводяться міжнародною федерацією гімнастики з 1992 року.

2. Mark the true statements.

1. Ann is known as a good gymnast.

2. Taras adores rhythmic gymnastics.

3. The boy’s sister likes rhythmic gymnastics, too.

4. Ann finds rhythmic gymnastics very graceful and elegant.

5. Taras prefers football to other sports.

6. The boy is going to participate in a city competition.

3. Say what we call a person who:

Example: does the jumps - a long jumper.

1. does gymnastics;

2. plays hockey;

3. swims well;

4. runs fast;

5. plays badminton;

6. rides a horse.

VI. Time to Communicate

1. Act as one of the children and speak about your favourite sport.



elegant and graceful;

to perform with a ball, ribbon or a hoop;

to become professional in something;

track and field events;

high/long jump;

to make progress in something;

to set a new record.

2. In pairs, discuss the sport you like most as in the pattern.


A: I say, … where are you … ? To a … ? Are you … ?

B: Poor guess! To the … . Today is … and I have been … .

A … ? Is it … in which … ?

B: Exactly. I think it is … , although … .

A: My friend adores … and … .

B: She/he is right. At different times … . By the way, how do you feel about … ?

A: Thank you for inviting me, but I … .

B: I know you are … and … at that.

A: This year I … .

B: My heartiest congrats! I’m sure … and … .

A: It’s easier said than done, but … .

B: I wish you well … .

A: Thanks, … and you … .

B: Sure, I will.

3. Your foreign friend wants to know about sports, popular in your country. What will you tell him?


Ukraine is … . There are many … and … . Normally children … . Parents think … . On the one hand, … . On the other hand, … .Besides … . … popular. So if you … , …very exciting.

VII. Time to Listen

1. Listen to what three children say about the most popular Ukrainian sports and choose the correct photos.

2. Listen again and choose the correct endings of the sentences.

1. Andrew believes that hockey is the sport for … .

a) cowards; b) courageous boys; c) thick people.

2. Some boys do not play hockey because they are afraid … .

a) of being hurt; b) of losing the game; c) of falling ill.

3. Most of all Helen likes … .

a) rhythmic gymnastics; b) swimming; c) tennis.

4. Once the girl won a tournament for… .

a) under 16’s; b) under 15’s; c) under 17’s.

5. The twins dream of becoming … .

a) good footballers; b) good swimmers; c) good boxers.

6. Their parents took them to the swimming pool at the age of … .

a) 6; b) 7; c) 10.

VIII. Time to Write

Into your Writing Portfolio:

• Leaflets are used to advertise special sport events.

• Leaflets are usually done in the form of one typed page with pictures to attract the reader’s attention.

• Designing these leaflets takes imagination and creativity.

How to write a leaflet

1. It is a favourite if… 3. In addition…

2. The event features… 4. It is sponsored by…

Sample of a leaflet

Great After-school Pastime

Recently our school sports club has initiated the baseball program for those who are interested in culturally new sport experiences. Baseball is a favourite of American schoolchildren and few boys (and girls, too) are found without their own ball, glove and bat.

The first meeting of the prospective baseball players will be held in the school playground at 4 pm on 23 September. The event features displays of baseball equipment, an exhibition of the history of baseball and interactive kids’ activities about baseball rules.

In addition, the event will offer a chance to try a bit of baseball with our special guest - a professional baseball player.

The school baseball program is sponsored by the City Sport Committee.

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