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UNIT 5. A Qvestion of Sport

5.3. American pastime

Word Box

Phrase Box

Communication Box

to roar

to be awarded something

My heartiest


to get out of the game


dressing room

to build hopes on somebody

Well done!


to be badly injured


to pay somebody a tribute

armchair fan

to take place


to be in a panic

I. Conversation Warm-up

Look at the pictures and say in which American sports these things are used. What do you know about these sports?

Example: I think that this glove is used in baseball. All teenagers like to wear baseball caps, but we don’t play baseball.

II. Pronunciation Warm-up

Read the rhyme and practise the sounds /ʌ/, /еі/ and /əv/. Say how well you can skate.

Skating Rhyme

Lessons are over: away we run

To ski through the snow - what fun.

We are off to the pond to skate,

All go altogether, and none is late.

Nelly can dance on ice like a fairy!

Andy cuts figures and so does Mary,

Ann is the best, like the wind she goes,

Peter is clumsy and falls on his nose.

III. Grammar Smart

1. Read what the children say about their sport achievements and change the sentences into passive.


2. Complete the sport interview with the famous American basketball player Michael Jordan by putting questions to these answers.

Example: - When was the interview given by Michael Jordan?

- Today the interview of Michael Jordan has been given to us. Many questions have already been asked.

1. Michael Jordan was invited to play for Chicago Bulls.

2. The sportsman was named Rookie of the year.

3. 13 seasons were played by Michael Jordan for the Chicago Bulls.

4. The sportsman won 6 championships in basketball.

1. He was given 14 different awards.

2. Michael Jordan set up a basketball school for young athletes.

3. You have become a famous sportsperson. Now that you return to the sports school in your old home town, a lot of things are different. Look at the picture and describe the changes using the words and word combinations from the box.

Example: New sport equipment has been bought.

new champions; to set new records; new sport clubs; new sport equipment a new big football pitch; a good swimming pool;

IV. Word Smart

1. Study the following words and word-combinations and say in what situations we can use them:

spectator sport; championship title; tough game; national pastime; armchair fan; gloomy.

Example: We say it’s a spectator sport about a sport we go and watch.

1. Read what American children say about sport and fill in the missing words from the box (p. 150).

Baseball is one of the most … sports in the USA and the professional baseball season lasts from April to September. It’s a very … game, which is played with a bat and a ball between two … of nine players each. Traditionally it is played on a large field which has four bases and

а … must touch all of them in order to make a run. Many people in the US watch baseball games on … or listen to them on the … . A lot of Americans go to the games as a social event. They enjoy meeting like-minded people there, discussing the game and its players, or just socializing. Because baseball is so popular, people in the US often call it the national … .

Basketball is also a very popular sport played … .

It’ll be interesting for you to know, that it was … in Springfield, Massachusetts, by Dr. James Naismith who used fruit … for the hoops and a soccer ball. Basketball is played by two … of 5 players. They throw the ball through the … and score points. Do you know that the most exciting score is a slam dunk* when a tall player … up high and pushes the … down through the hoop? The fans get up from their places and … the basketball player. There is a great … in basketball at colleges and high schools. The dream of every American boy is to become a good NBA player, that’s why they play with much enthusiasm not only indoors, but on the street and the yards.

teams TV exciting popular player indoors

invented pastime radio interest teams hoop

jumps baskets ball cheer up

At Home: Write six questions to an American sportsperson you’d like to meet. Explain your choice.

V. Time to Read

1. Read the story about the hockey match between two hockey teams, the Wolves and the Eskimos, and say who won the game and why.

I Am His Brother

The hockey match between the Wolves and the Eskimos was to take place at 7 p.m. The Wolves were going to play without their best forward: Bucko had been injured in the previous match and admitted to hospital. Johnny was to play instead. By late afternoon, Johnny was still missing and we all began to worry. We wondered where he had disappeared. By five o’clock we were all in a panic.

Someone had seen Johnny at the railway station. Gravot, the Eskimos coach, had probably handed Johnny a good sum of money to get him out of the game. The next station was forty miles away and Johnny couldn’t get back before the next morning.

* a slam dunk - баскетбольний кидок.

I was afraid Matt, our coach, would go crazy. He even tried to reach Johnny but failed. Matt had built all hopes on the boy since last year when Bucko was badly injured. What could we do? We had to go on the ice. Oh, we played tough hockey and managed to score a goal in the second quarter, but the Eskimos had two more. In the dressing room, the boys were gloomy. Suddenly the door opened and Johnny ran in.

“Where have you been?” shouted Matt.

“What difference does it make where I have been? I am back and you needn’t worry. The score is only two to one. I’ll show them how to play hockey”.

And he really did. I know that I will never see hockey as we played in that last quarter. When we appeared on the ice, I thought the roof would go up with the shouts as the crowd welcomed Johnny warmly.

The whistle was blown and the game started again. It was a quick game, both teams played tough hockey, but the Eskimos could do nothing against Johnny. He scored two more goals before the referee’s final signal sounded. The crowd roared when their favourite was leaving the field. We won! We had become champions!

In the dressing room we heard Johnny’s story. “Abe paid me two thousand to take that train out of town tonight. So I got on the train but when the train slowed down at Crocket I jumped off and ran back. It took time, but I knew I would be in time for the last quarter to help you win the game. Bucko needs money to pay his hospital bills. I’m sending him Abe’s two thousand in the morning”.

Old Matt was happy. “I knew you would take Bucko’s place when I first saw you on the ice, kid”.

“Take his place, Matt? I came here to take my place. And I also wanted to pay back for Bucko’s injury. I’m Bucko’s brother”.

(Adapted from “Double for Trouble” by B.B. Fowler)

judge - referee

See First Aid Kit: Word Meaning, p. 227

2. Read the statements and reproduce the situations from the text. Comment on them.

Example: We all began to worry. It’s about Johnny who was late for the game.

1. By five o’clock we were still in a panic.

2. I was afraid that Matt would go crazy.

3. In the dressing room the boys were gloomy.

4. When we appeared on the ice, I thought the roof would go up with the shouts as the crowd welcomed Johnny.

5. Old Matt was happy.

6. The crowd roared when their favourite was leaving the field.

3. In the text, find the words and word combinations concerning sport. Make up your sentences with them.

Example: Hockey match. The hockey match between the Wolves and the Eskimos was to take place at 7 p.m. As for me, I like to watch hockey matches on TV.

4. There are 4 main characters in the story. Describe them using the adjectives below.

responsible experienced clever angry cunning happy kind wise loving thoughtful dishonest anxious inappropriate

Example: I think Johnny isn’t only the best forward of his team but also a loving brother.

VI. Time to Communicate

1. Act as Johnny and tell your brother about the last hockey match.


to score a goal;

to hand in money;

to get on a train;

to slow down;

to become champions;

to jump off the train;

to get somebody out of the game;

to welcome warmly;

to pay hospital bills.

2. In pairs, role-play the dialogue between Johnny and his brother Bucko.

J: Hi, Bucko, we … .

B: My heartiest congrats! I’m proud … . Will you … ?

J: Sure. At first we … . He gave me … and I … .

B: Why … ?

J: I wanted … and I … .

B: But you could . and the Wolves … .

J: Oh, no. The train should slow down … and I knew … .

B: And how did the team … ?

J: On the one hand, they … , but on the other hand … .The crowd roared when . .

B: Really? I suppose … .

J: Right you are. I’m your brother and … .

B: Thank you, Johnny.

3. Suppose you’ve been to the USA and learned much about American sport. Tell your Ukrainian friends about it. Begin with:

Americans take up sport at a very early age. Parents are sure that sport helps maintain children’s health, and I think they are right.

Many kinds of sport originated in America, for example, basketball…

VII. Time to Write

Design a sports page on which you can give:

• the latest sports news in Ukraine;

• the reports about the sports of your school teams;

• a 10-sentence article about a sport personality.

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