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UNIT 5. A Qvestion of Sport

5.5. My progress in English

I. Grammar Smart

Change the sentences from Active into Passive.

1. Our class chess player has won the game this week.

2. The coach has criticized Mike for his results in swimming this year.

3. We have taken pictures of our city sport star recently.

4. My dad has invited me to a hockey match today.

5. The boys have already made predictions for the coming Cup Final of the city-wide soccer league.

6. They have bought a poster of their favourite gymnast Anna Bessonova. Check if you can:

II. Word Smart

Insert the prepositions.

1. My sister has taken______ rhythmic gymnastics recently.

2. We all have loyalty_______ our school football team.

3. My coach builds hopes______ best players.

4. It’s a pity to lose_______ a sport competition.

5. I have signed___for swimming today.

6. Best footballers participate_ a city competition.

Check if you can:

III. Function Smart

Match conversation lines A to conversation lines B.



1. Try a little harder if you don’t want to be a pathetic loser in swimming.

2. I don’t think she will break her old record.

3. Mark will never win. He is a typical underdog.

4. Do you think the ‘Wolves’ are going to win?

5. I can’t help admiring this gymnast.

6. I bet Ann is a top-ranked tennis player.

a) And I think she’ll equal her personal best.

has a chance to become a winner today.

c) Don’t worry. I certainly won’t.

I have been swimming for 3 years already.

d) Me too. She’ll be the best in her performance with a hoop. The odds

are definitely in her favour.

e) Sure. This team is the best in ice hockey.

f) Agreed. I have a feeling she will become a champion.

Check if you can:

IV. Time to Read

Read the text and choose the right continuations of the statements.

Lennox Louis

All ardent fans of boxing know the name of Lennox Louis, a renowned British boxer.

Being a tweener Lennox chose a boxing career. Five years after taking up boxing, he became the World Junior Champion at the age of 17. Unfortunately, he didn’t become a champion in the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. Gold came four years later at the Seoul Olympic Games boxing final in 1988. Beginning with 1989, he continued to win the British Heavy Weight Commonwealth and European titles. Four years later Lennox was crowned WBC Heavy Weight Champion of the World. So he became the first British Heavy Weight Champion of the 20thcentury.

The athlete proved his title more than once. In June of 2002 the boxer had his most difficult fight of his career against Mike Tyson. In spite of Tyson’s aggression, Lennox knocked Tyson out proving to be the greatest boxer of his time.

1. Lennox Louis is a famous British … .

a) boxer; b) gymnast; c) footballer.

2. Lennox started his career when he was … .

a) small; b) twelve; c) an adult.

3. He won gold in the Olympic Games in … .

a) Los Angeles; b) Seoul; c) London.

4. Lennox became WBC Heavy-Weight Champion in … .

a) 1989; b) 1980; c) 1993.

5. The boxer had his most difficult fight with … .

a) Volodymyr Klychko; b) Mike Tyson; c) Oliver McCall.

6. He beat that boxer in … .

a) 2000; b) 2001; c) 2002.

Check if you can:

V. Time to Listen

Listen to the “Baseball” story and correct the mistakes in the statements given.

1. Baseball is Britain’s most popular sport.

2. There are two teams of six players.

3. In 1845 Alexander Cartwrite invented the rules of the game.

4. The first baseball teams were professional.

5. The most prestigious baseball competition is the National League.

6. This competition takes place once in four years.

Check if you can:

VI. Time to Write

Describe a sport you’d advise your friend to take up.

Check if you can:

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