Підручник Англійська мова 7 клас для спеціалізованих навчальних закладів з поглибленим вивченням іноземної мови - Л.В. Калініна - Генеза 2015 рік

UNIT 6. On Screen and on Stage

6.3. Meet cinema and theatre celebrities

Word Box

Phrase Box

Communication Box

dressing room

to make the most of one’s role

There was not another … who …


to held the attention of the audience

That’s the sorf of …


to be sure of oneself


to gain favourable notices from critics


theatrical credit

to make a debut

to rise to prominence

to make one’s name

to make one’s appearance on

TV stage/screen

I. Conversation Warm-up

Look at the portraits and say who the people in them are and in what films or performances you saw them.

Example: Bohdan Stupka is a well-known Ukrainian theatre and cinema actor. He played the main role in the film “Vognem i mechem”.

I saw the film and liked it a lot.

II. Pronunciation Warm-up

Read the proverbs and practise sentence-stress. Say what you think about talent and talented people.

III. Grammar Smart

1. Say what your parents let or made you do when you were small.

Example: My parents made me go to the kindergarten, but I didn’t want to.

2. Complete the sentences.

1. Let’s buy the tickets to the cinema beforehand.

2. I was made … .

3. Our teacher let … .

4. My dad made me … .

5. My brother and I are allowed … .

6. My younger brother/sister is not allowed … .

3. Look at the pictures and say what the spectators are allowed or not allowed to do at the theatre.

Example: I think the spectators are not allowed to talk during the performance.

IV. Word Smart

Study the following words and word combinations and: a) Describe an actor/actress you like best.

Example: The well-known English comedian Rowan Atkinson made his first appearance on TV in the programme “Mr Bean".

b) Say how a talented actor/actress can play (see example, p. 180).

Example: I adore the renowned Ukrainian actress Olha Sumska. She always plays with brilliance and spirit.

c) Use the information given and present a short biography of well-known actors.

Daniel Radcliffe - an English actor.

Born 23 July, 1989.

Made his acting debut at 10 years in TV movie “David Copperfield”.

Rose to prominence as the title character in the film series. Starred in the film “The Woman in Black” in 2013. Contributes to many charities - Demelza House, Children’s Hospital and the Trevor project.

Was awarded the Trevor project’s “Hero award” in 2011.

Mel Gibson - an American-Australian actor, film director, producer and screen-writer.

Born January 3, 1956 in New York.

Studied acting at the Australian National Institute of Dramatic Art.

Made appearance on the screen as an action hero in 1980’s. Produced, directed and starred in the Academy Award - winning Braveheart in 1995.

Works at the state Theatre Company of South Australia in Adelaid and his theatrical credit is rather big.

Produced 11 films, directed 4 films, appeared in 43 films and gained favourable notices from critics.

Bohdan Stupka - renowned stage and film actor of Ukraine. Born 2 August 1941 in Lviv province.

Completed study in the drama studio at the Lviv Ukrainian Drama Theatre (1961-1967).

Joined the Kyiv Ukrainian Drama Theatre in 1978. Starred in the films “A White Bird with a Black Mark”, “The Red Bells”, “Vognem і Mechem”.

The best stage parts are in I. Franko’s “Stolen Happiness”, “Sholom- Aleichem”, etc.

The People’s artist of Ukraine and the Shevchenko prize laureate, died in 2012.

At Home: Choose a film/а performance with your favourite actor’s participation and speak about their acting.

V. Time to Read

1. Read a part of the novel and say what actress Julia was.


… Four hours later the performance was over. The play went well from the beginning, the audience were pleased to find themselves once more in a playhouse and were ready to be amused. It was also a good beginning for the theatrical season in London.

There had been great applause after each act and at the end a dozen curtain calls; astonished by the warmth of the reception after a final call of all the actors, the orchestra played the National Anthem. Though she was a mature actress, Julia was extremely pleased, excited and happy. She went to her dressing room.

She had never felt more sure of herself, never acted with greater brilliance, variety and spirit. Her role was two pages long, but in spite of its length Julia managed it all right. There was not another actress in England who could have held the attention of the audience better. With the exquisite modulation of her beautiful voice, with her extraordinary command of emotions Julia made the most of her role. And the climax was thrilling, almost spectacular.

… In her dressing room, her husband Michael said to her:

‘By God, what a performance you gave!’

‘You weren’t so bad yourself, dear’, she responded.

‘That’s the sort of part I can play on my head’, he answered correctly, modest as usual about his acting. ‘But you are the greatest actress in the world, darling!’

(Adapted from “Theatre” by W.S. Maugham)

strong - strength warm - warmth long - length

See First Aid Kit: Word Building

2. Complete the sentences using the nouns.

1. The river is wide, what is its width exacty? (wide)

2. The road isn’t very long, do you know its …? (long)

3. He treated me warmly, I didn’t expect such … . (warm)

4. Jack is a strong man and I read much about the champion’s … . (strong)

5. The Dnipro is the deepest river, but I don’t know its exact … . (deep)

3. Answer the questions.

1. Why were the spectators amused?

2. Who received many curtain calls?

3. What did the orchestra play when the performance was over?

4. How did Julia play?

5. Who complemented her after the performance?

6. What was Julia’s husband?

VI. Time to Communicate

a) Act as Julia and describe your performance.


a mature actress;

to be astonished by the warmth of the reception;

to act with great brilliance, variety and spirit;

to hold the attention of the audience;

to make the most of one’s role;

a thrilling climax;

to receive two curtain calls.

b) In pairs, talk about your favourite theatre or cinema actor/actress as in the pattern.


A: I say … , who is your favourite … ?

B: Oh, as I’m interested in cinema, I … .

A: What film does … ?

B: … starred in many films, but my favourite . . I think . made the most of … .

A: Agreed. … is a talented … and … acting is always … .

B: Is … also one of your favourite?

A: Oh, no. As I prefer theatre to … . I like . best.

B: But he/she made her/his first appearance in the film and … .

A: Right, but … made his/her names as a theatre actress/actor … .

B: Why do you like . ?

A: … a very talented person. Her … is convincing and true to life.

B: I have a video film … . Let’s go and see it together.

A: With pleasure.

VII. Time to Write

Fill in the chart about your favourite actor/actress and use it to design a poster. Present to the class.

actor’s/actress’s name age

the country he/she lives in

the films/theatres he/she played in

the most known roles

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