Підручник Англійська мова 7 клас для спеціалізованих навчальних закладів з поглибленим вивченням іноземної мови - Л.В. Калініна - Генеза 2015 рік

UNIT 6. On Screen and on Stage

6.5. Your progress in English

I. Grammar Smart

Fill in let or make.

1. It was late, but my parents … me stay out with my friends longer.

2. Nina speaks English well, … her recite the poem.

3. The coach . the footballers work harder.

4. The child was … to rewrite the exercise again.

5. The ending of the film was so sad that it … many spectators cry.

6. “Will you. me go to the cinema, Mum?”, a child asked.

Check if you can:

II. Word Smart

Insert the correct preposition.

1. The scenery of the performance is true … life.

2. The film was so catching that I couldn’t take my eyes … it.

3. The children looked … the stage … bated breath.

4. When the performance was over, the house burst … applause.

5. My friends and I have much … common.

6. Julia made the most … her role.

Check if you can:

III. Function Smart

Match conversation lines A to conversation lines B.



1. What do you think of the ballet?

2. How would you compare the book and the play?

3. How do you like the plot of the film?

4. What’s your opinion of the cartoon?

5. I know you are a great cinema-goer, did you enjoy the horror film?

6. How did you like the comedy?

a) There’s really no comparison. I like the book better.

b) Not very much. Some scenes are really scary.

c) The dancing is fantastic.

d) It’s really exciting.

e) The comedy? It was a bit of a drag.

f) It’s a film for little kids.

Check if you can:

IV. Time to Read

Read the information about theatres in America and correct the mistakes in the statements given below.

Theatres in the USA

Broadway is New York City’s legendary theatre district. Here new plays were born and nurtured and stars were made. All the large Commercial theatres are located there. Today the musical play dominates Broadway and captures the attention of audiences at home and from abroad.

During the 1980s, the center of theater has shifted to off-Broadway. Today off-Broadway theatres are found throughout the city. You can find them in the buildings of former garages, offices and even stores. They are also known as ‘theatre-in-the-round’. If you come to such a theatre, you’ll see that the actors perform in the center of the room, while the audience surrounds it in all sides.

Real theatrical adventure can also be found in the hundreds of regional theatres. They often experiment and try to introduce the plays of new playwrights. Many of them regularly send the best of their seasons to New York. As you see, these theatres play an important role in developing American theater.


1. New York is a theater district.

2. Amateur theaters are located in Broadway.

3. Off-Broadway theaters are situated in new fashionable buildings.

4. In ‘theatres-in-the-round’ the audience sit in the center.

5. Regional theaters stage the plays of mature playwrights.

6. Regional theaters seldom show their performances in New York.

Check if you can:

V. Time to Listen

Listen to the information about the famous British actors Timothy Dulton and John Oliver and choose the correct answer.

1. Where was Timothy Dulton born?

a) England; b) Wales; c) Scotland.

2. When did Dulton decide to become an actor?

a) at the age of 16; b) when he was 17; c) after the age of 18.

3. What Dulton’s work made the film critics praise him?

a) Mr Rochester’s in the TV serial “Jane Eyre”;

b) 007 agent; c) Philip II of France.

4. What kind of actor is John Oliver?

a) a drama actor; b) a cinema actor; c) a comedian.

5. What did John Oliver study in Cambridge?

a) drama; b) law; c) English.

6. What did John Oliver successfully create?

a) a stand-up comedy; b) a political TV serial; c) a new musical.

Check if you can:

VI. Time to Write

Write about your preferences in cinema and theatre. Check if you can:

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