Підручник Англійська мова 7 клас для спеціалізованих навчальних закладів з поглибленим вивченням іноземної мови - Л.В. Калініна - Генеза 2015 рік

UNIT 7. A City to Explore

7.2. The Heart of Kyiv

Word Box

Phrase Box

Communication Box


to burn with impatience

I couldn’t utter a word.


to be under the impression of




underground entertainment centre



a breathtaking view


to make an excursion


to take one’s eyes off something

to end in something

to leave somebody open-mouthed

I. Conversation Warm-up

Look at the sights of Kyiv and say what you know about them.

Independence Square

Mariyinskyi Palace


Kyiv Pechersk Lavra

Example: I’ve been to Khreschatyk, it is the main street of Kyiv.

II. Pronunciation Warm-up

Read the Kyiv Rhyme and practise the sounds /е/ and /æ/. Say what you think about the capital city.

Kyiv Rhyme

You can go to the East.

You can go to the West.

But Kyiv is better,

But Kyiv is best.

I live in Ukraine, a beautiful land.

It’s home for me and for my friend.

Its capital city is so nice!

It was built by the Grand Prince -

Yaroslav the Wise.

III. Grammar Smart

1. Look and recall

If you want to talk about historical places, monuments, buildings, etc., Use the definite article the with:

- rivers: the Dnipro River, the Thames;

- monuments: the Bohdan Khmelnytskyi Monument, the Washington Monument;

- museums: the National History Museum, the National Art Gallery;

- some streets: The Mall, the Strand;

- theatres: the Kyiv Opera House, the Globe.

Don’t use articles with:

- countries: Ukraine, Kyivan Rus, England;

- towns: Kyiv, Lviv, London;

- streets: Khreschatyk, Andriyivskyi Uzviz, Oxford street;

- parks: Hyde Park, Mariyinskyi Park;

- town + building: Boryspil Airport, Kyiv National University;

- shops: Harrods, Globus;

- squares: Independence Square, Trafalgar Square;

- palaces: Buckingham Palace, Mariyinskyi Palace;

- churches and cathedrals: St Sophia's Cathedral, St Andrew's Church.

Don’t Forget:

- names with… of… usually have the.

Example: the Museum of Modern Art, the National Bank of Ukraine.

- holiday names take no article.

Example: Kyiv Day, Memorial Day.

a) In trios, play the grammar pyramid game. Use the information in the box below with or without the definite article.




Trafalgar Squre Harrods USA Dnipro Great Britain Potomac River Kyiv London Ukraine Thames Whitehall Mariyinskyi Park Independence Square Nelson’s Column Globus Jefferson Memorial Macy’s Metro Center West Potomac River Pennsylvania Avenue Khreschatyk Hyde Park Shevchenko Monument Dupont Circle Washington, D.C.

Example: Steve: country: Ukraine

Helen: Great Bitain

Ann: The USA

Steve: capital:…

Read and remember!

• If you want to talk about similarities between two objects, use … as … as …

Example: Kyiv is as beautiful as other capitals.

• If you want to talk about differences of two objects use … not so … as …

Example: The main square in Kyiv isn’t so big as in Kharkiv.

a) Play a grammar comparison game as in the models.

Model 1: Visiting different cities - exploring your capital - useful Visiting different cities is as useful as exploring your capital.

Model 2: Kharkiv - Kyiv - ancient Kharkiv isn’t so ancient as Kyiv.

1. history of Kyiv - modern life - interesting;

2. Kyivites - citizens of other towns - friendly;

3. modern cities - ancient cities - beautiful;

4. sights of small towns - places of interest in Kyiv - popular;

5. metro in Kharkiv - metro in Kyiv - big;

6. maple trees in Canada - chestnut trees in Kyiv - magnificent.

b) Fill in …as…as… or …not so…as… in the following sentences;

Example: Zhytomyr is not so popular as Kyiv.

1. The historical places in Kyiv are … important … in any city.

2. Churches and cathedrals of Kyiv are … in any ancient city.

3. The shopping centres of Kyiv are … in any big city of Ukraine.

4. The architecture of Kyiv’s Cathedrals is … unique … in London’s cathedrals.

5. The sightseeing tours around Kyiv are … exciting … tours of other capitals of the world.

IV. Word Smart

a) Study the following nouns, choose the attributable adjectives to them and make up your sentences with them.

1. beauty

a) unique

2. architecture

b) incomparable

3. ancestor

c) memorable

4. interior

d) indescribable

5. souvenir

e) legendary

6. excursion

f) breathtaking

7. view

g) interesting

8. tour

h) sightseeing

Example: I believe our capital has an indescribable beauty in any season.

b) Answer the questions and ground your answer.

Example: What can be a breathtaking view for you? The Kyiv Pechersk Lavra is a breathtaking view for me. The beauty of its interior is incomparable. It just leaves me breathless.

1. What sight can’t you take your eyes off?

2. What excursion are you still under the impression of?

3. What are you burning with impatience to tell your friend about?

4. A visit to what place of interest in Kyiv left you open-mouthed?

5. What souvenirs would you like to have after the excursion around Kyiv?

c) Look at the photos and read the information about them. Present the most important facts to the class, opening the brackets.

The Kyiv Pechersk Lavra is a monastery and a spiritual and cultural treasury of Ukraine.

• (to become) the State Historical and Cultural Museum in 1926;

Example: In 1926 the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra became the State Historical and Cultural museum.

• (to cover) an area of 28 hectares;

• (to consist) of 80 buildings, among them 37 monuments of the 11th - 18th centuries

• (to have) unique caves, created by nature and human hands;

• (to build) underground churches in the caves and to set up icons and crosses there;

• (to rise) from ruins and ashes after many destructions;

• (to include) several museums of the history of art.

St Volodymyr’s Cathedral is a fine piece of architecture

• (to function) as church in Kyiv;

• (to be) built in 1896 in honour of the 900th anniversary of Christianization of Kievan Rus;

• (to see) bronze sculptures of Princess Olha and Prince Volodymyr in its doorway;

• (to present) frescoes - masterpieces painted by great Russian artists V. Vasnetsov, M. Vrubel, M. Nesterov and others;

• (to become) a sacred place for many Ukrainians.

The Mariyinskyi Palace or Tsar’s Palace is a fine monument of the 18th-19th century architecture

• (to build) a palace at a picturesque spot on the banks of the Dnipro river by the order of the Russian Empress in 1744;

• (to be) destroyed by fire in 1819 and rebuilt in 15 years;

• (to face) a beautiful park, which is 119 metres long;

• (to serve) as a residence of the military governors of Kyiv;

• (to become) the place of official receptions for the city’s most honoured guests.

At Home: What places of interest in Kyiv would you recommend your foreign friend to see and why? Write 7—8 sentences about it.

V. Time to Read

Read Helen’s letter to Martha with the impressions of their visit to Kyiv and say which sights she enjoyed the most and why.

Touring Kyiv

Dear Martha,

I am burning with impatience to tell you about my visit to the capital of my country - Kyiv. It was the first time I had a guided tour of this magnificent city. I’m still under the impression of my visit and want to share it with you.

We started with the heart of Kyiv - Independence Square. Our guide said that many years ago it had just been a swampy place where people hunted. It was cress- crossed and the street which appeared here 200 years ago was called Khreschatyk.

Today it is the main street in Kyiv. Although it is only 1,5 km long, it is very wide - 75-100 m.

I should never have thought that there is so much to see in Independence Square: a model of the old gates through which Khan Baty’s hordes entered the city in 1240, a monument to the legendary founders of Kyiv, an underground entertainment and shopping centre Globus, the building of the central post office with a globe in front of it and the signs marking the distances to many cities.

But the main structure in the square is the monument to the Independence of Ukraine. Just imagine a tall white column on the top of which you can see a statue of a Ukrainian girl in the traditional costume.

It is really a breathtaking view!

Then the excursion moved on to one of the most ancient structures in Ukraine, St Sophia’s Cathedral. It was interesting for me to learn that in this center in the 11th century the Cathedral was a major cultural centre famous for its libraries and schools. When we came inside I couldn’t take my eyes off its frescoes and mosaics. The guide said the Cathedral’s interior had been touched by very few changes. I looked at that indescribable beauty and tried to imagine the life of our ancestors.

The tour ended in Kontraktova Square. We visited St Andrew’s Church about which I had heard a lot before. I have read that it took 6 years to build the church and 15 more to decorate its interior. But the sight of the church left me open-mouthed. Then I realized the truth of the old saying: seeing is believing. St Andrew’s Church is incomparable! I couldn’t utter a word the first ten minutes. I was looking around and its magnificence left me breathless. It is the most memorable place I have ever visited.

When the excursion came to an end we were given half an hour for shopping at Andriyivskyi Uzviz. You know, it has become a good tradition for amateur artists, sculptors and photographers to exhibit their works there. You can even buy them as souvenirs there.

I’m sending you some photos of Kyiv’s sights. I hope you’ll like them. If you come to Ukraine next summer, you’ll see them with your own eyes. I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.



comparable - incomparable

describable - indescribable

architect - architecture

sculpture - sculptor

See First Aid Kit: Word Building, p. 225

2. Fill in the correct word.

1. The history of Kyiv is immortal.


2. A guide’s story about the history of the monument left me … .


3. I can’t help admiring Kyiv’s … beauty.


4. … of this church is very impressive.


5. Yesterday we visited the exhibition of a modern English … .


6. I think the interior of the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra is just … .


3. Look at the photos and say what information Helen learned about them.


Andriyivskyi Uzviz

The monument to the Independence of Ukraine

VI. Time to Communicate.

a) Act as Helen and say what you felt while touring Kyiv.


to make an excursion;

to be under the impression of something;

a breathtaking view;

to take one’s eyes off something;

to leave somebody open-mouthed;

indescribable beauty.

b) In pairs, talk about Helen’s visit to Kyiv as in the pattern. Use the text “Touring Kyiv”.


A: I say … , what do you think of … ?

B: I’m sure she … and … .

A: Did she … or … ?

B: Oh, she was under the impression of … and … left her breathless.

A: It sounds … but … .

B: She is interested in history and … .

A: But if she … she would … .

B: Exactly. But … and … .

A: Well, why not … ?

B: Agreed … is worth seeing.

c) Suppose you are a guide. Summarize all the information and make a mind trip round Kyiv.

VII. Time to Write

Info your Writing Portfolio:

Brochures are written to attract people to museums, libraries, theaters, amusement or parks etc. They consist of 4-5 paragraphs of interesting information about the place to attract tourists’ attention.

How to write a brochure:

• The history of … goes back to … .

• … keeps the spirit of … alive.

• It beats other sights for … .

• … has many … which are open to public.

• You’ll be surprised to see … .

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