Підручник Англійська мова 7 клас для спеціалізованих навчальних закладів з поглибленим вивченням іноземної мови - Л.В. Калініна - Генеза 2015 рік

UNIT 7. A City to Explore

7.4. In blossom and in bloom

Word Box

Phrase Box

Communication Box


to be in full blossom

What a view!


to have much to offer

It’s just the time


to have a wide range of colours

for… .

horse chestnut

to celebrate the awakening of nature

What a miracle is… .


to move somebody’s heart

… can move even to

to come in all possible shades

coldest hearts.

Not for nothing.

I. Conversation Warm-up

Read the botanical names and match them to the right pictures. Say which plant you can see: a) in the Botanical Gardens in Kyiv; b) on Kyiv’s coat of arms.

Example: I think we can see a lot of lilacs in the Botanical Gardens in Kyiv in May. They come in all colours - from snow white to deep purple.

II. Pronunciation Warm-up

Read the poem and practise the rhythm. Say if nature beauty can move your hearts.

In the Fields

Lord, when I look at lovely things which passed,

Under old trees the shadow of young leaves

Dancing to please the wind along the grass,

On the gold stillness of the August seen and the August sheaves*;

Can I believe there is a heavenlier world than this?

(Charlotte Mew)

* sheaves - снопи.

III. Function Smart

Read and learn how to express admiration and optimism when talking about the natural beauty of Kyiv. Look at the pictures and fill in the mini-dialogues.

IV. Word Smart

a) Describe Kyiv’s beauty in spring in 5—6 sentences.

to be in full bloom/blossom;

to have a wide range of colours;

to come in all possible shades;

to make Kyiv a special place;

a glorious spectacle of something.

Example: Blossoming horse chestnut trees make Kyiv a special place. It’s really a breathtaking view.

b) Study the following words and word combinations and say what feelings and emotions Kyiv in blossom and in bloom arouses in you.

to have a lot to offer;

to celebrate the awakening of nature;

to move somebody’s heart;

impossible to ignore;

to set into a festive mood.

Example: The sight of Kyiv in blossom and in bloom sets me into a festive mood.

c) Answer the questions:

1. What season makes Kyiv a special place?

2. What does Kyiv have to offer in this season?

3. What is impossible to ignore at this time?

4. Where can tourists enjoy the beauty of Kyiv?

5. What view in the capital can move even the coldest of hearts?

6. What sets Kyivites and their guests into a festive mood?

4. In pairs, discuss the beauty of Kyiv in blossom and in bloom as in the pattern.


A: Look, how beautiful … . Let’s celebrate … .

B: Agreed. In spring Kyiv … and … .

A: The blossoming trees set me … .

B: Me too. Can you smell. ?

A: Sure. It’s just the time for … . They make Kyiv … .

B: Look around! What a … . It can move even … , right?

A: Exactly. I think our capital is one . in Europe.

B: It sure is! It’s … and … are just impossible to ignore.

A: Not for nothing so many poets, composers and artists … .

B: I believe … our capital really deserves it, because … .

A: I can’t agree more.

At Home: Find a photo/picture of any place in Kyiv in blossom and in bloom and write about its indescribable beauty in 8—10 sentences.

V. Time to Read

a) Two friends are talking about the beauty of nature in Kyiv in May. Read/listen to their conversation and say what they admire about it the most.

Talking about Kyiv in Bloom and in Blossom

Steve: Hi, HelenI Where are you going?

Helen: As a matter of fact, I’m just walking. Look, how beautiful Kyiv is in May, with all its horse chestnut trees in blossom.

Steve: Yeah, their blossoming colours and scents are just impossible to ignore.

Helen: I have an idea. There is a big botanical garden just round the corner. Let’s drop in. As far as I know, it has much to offer to nature lovers in spring.

Steve: Good idea! It is just the time for lilacs to be in full bloom. There are hundreds of species of lilacs there, in a lot of colours: from snow white to deep purple.

Helen: Oh, I would really love to see this symphony of colours. Just imagine them playing their exciting visual music to us as we take a slow walk.

Steve: Not only that! Azaleas, rhododendrons also come in all possible shades so that you forget that the park is situated just next door to one of the busiest streets of the city.

Helen: Probably Kyiv is one of the greenest cities in Europe!

Steve: It sure is. Its numerous parks and trees along the streets turn Kyiv into a truly ‘green zone’.

Helen: By the way, am I right in thinking that we can even find magnolias in the Pechersk Botanical Gardens?

Steve: Absolutely. They say, magnolias are not supposed to be growing in the open here. But they do!

Helen: What a miracle! It can move even the coldest of hearts!

Steve: I bet, the garden is filled with people in a festive mood now!

Helen: So much the better! Let’s go inside and celebrate the reawakening of nature!

Across Cultures: Ukraine

The Pechersk Botanical Gardens - a botanical garden of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, founded in 1936, is located in Kyiv. It contains 13,000 types of trees, shrubs, flowers and other plants from all over the world.

b) Fill in the sentences with odour/scent/fragrance; to drop in/to visit; to offer/ to suggest.

Example: I can smell the scent of azalea in the streets of Kyiv.

1. Would you like … Kyiv on Sunday?

2. I …going to the Pechersk Botanical Garden.

3. The Botanical Gardens have so much … , I must say.

4. Look! The museum is still open. Let’s … for an hour or so.

5. The fruit trees blossom and fill the air with delicate … I can’t help admiring it.

c) Read out how Steve and Helen described the beauty of Kyiv and fill in the chart with suitable words and words combinations. Make up your own sentences with them.



blossoming colours and scents

Example: Lilacs have many blossoming colours and scents.

VI. Time to Communicate

a) Act as one of the children and describe your visit to the Pechersk Botanical Gardens. Use:

impossible to ignore; nature lovers; to have much to offer; hundreds of species of lilacs; the symphony of colours; exciting visual music; to come in all possible shades; to move even the coldest hearts.

b) In pairs, complete the conversation between Helen and Steve as in the pattern. Use the text “Talking about Kyiv in Bloom and Blossom”.


A: Hi, … ! Where … ?

B: As a matter of fact, I’m just … . Look, how beautiful … .

A: Yeah, … are just impossible to ignore.

B: I have an idea. There is … . Let’s … . As far, as I know, … has much to offer to … .

A: Good idea! It is just the time … . There are … .

B: Oh, I would really love to … . Just imagine … .

A: Not only that! … so that you forget … .

B: Probably … .

A: It sure is … .

B: By the way, I am right to believe that … .

A: Absolutely. They say … .

B: What a miracle! It can move even … .

VII. Time to Listen

1. Listen to the story “The Enchanted Place” and say what the place was like.

2. Listen to the story again and mark the true statements.

1. The girl has never seen the enchanted place.

2. Soon she saw a usual desert.

3. Her partner visited that place and it was the Country of Oz.

4. The girl didn’t like the idea of any sign at that place.

5. The girl expected to see an extraordinary place.

6. She was looking forward to the enchantment.

VIII. Time to Write

Write a page for a tourist guide book advertising the beauty of Kyiv in blossom and in bloom.

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