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UNIT 1. Family and Friends

1.1. Family album

Word Bank

Phrase Bank

Communication Box

newly born

to display family photos

… namely, …


to have a full set of …


to be on a visit to somebody


to be the heart of the family to be of the same age to be everybody’s pet to have a combined age of …

I. Conversation Warm-up

This is a photo of Phil’s family. In pairs, compare his family to your family.

Example: A: Phil’s family is bigger than mine.

B: My family is also big: I have …

II. Pronunciation Warm-up

Read the family rules with correct intonation. Say what rules you have in your family.

Family Rules

• Put the other person first.

• Speak with love.

• Tell the truth.

• Mind your manners.

• Forgive freely.

• Always do your best.

• Be thankful.

III. Grammar Smart

1. Look and recall.

Use the verb to be in the Present Simple in positive and negative statements and questions to talk about:

• your family and friends;

Example: Mike is my relative on my dad’s side.

• their current status;

Example: Is your elder sister married?

• their qualities;

Example: My grandma is very kind and wise.

• their jobs and positions;

Example: My granddad is in his late sixties but he isn’t retired yet. Use short forms in speech and informal writing:

I’m, she’s, he isn’t, we aren’t Use aren’t I in negative questions.

Example: Why aren’t I in the photo?

a) Play a grammar guessing game using the box. Say what you have found out about your friend’s family.




marital status

aunts and uncles




nephews and nieces



A: I’m thinking of someone in my family who …

В: … is your age?

A: Yes.

B: … is in Kyiv now?

A: No.

B: … in your grandma’s village?

A Yes.

B: Is it your cousin Pavlo?

A: Right!

b) Look at the pictures and fill in the right form of the verb to be.

Example: My granddad … in his early forties.

My granddad isn’t in his early forties.

1. My grandparents … in the garden now.

2. The baby girl … so sweet!

3. Tim … a very caring brother.

4. The children … in the kindergarten now.

5. Why … I in this photo?

2. Read and remember!

• Use was / were as the Past Simple forms of the verb to be to talk about your family history:

Example: My mother was on a visit to her in-laws then.

• Don’t forget to use adverbs of time: then, last year, two months ago, for five years, etc.

• Use have been / has been as the Present Perfect forms of the verb to be to talk about your family experiences that have happened in your life up to now:

Example: I have been to Canada.

• Use expressions often, once, twice, several times to say how often something has happened to your family members.

Example: My parents have been to Poland several times.

• Don’t forget the difference in meaning between been and gone:

My sister has gone to the Carpathians on holiday. (= She is there now.) My sister has been to the Carpathians. (= She visited them in the past, and is back by now.)

Use will be as the Future Simple form of the verb to be to talk about events that might happen in your family:

Example: My uncle will probably be with us at Christmas.

• Don’t forget to use the adverbs probably, certainly and definitely.

• Use am/is/are going to talk about your family’s future plans and arrangements.

Example: We are going to have a family reunion next month.

a) Play a grammar ‘time-machine’ game using the pictures.

Example: A: I was on a visit to my great-grandparents last weekend.

B: I have been on family visits many times.

C: I am going to visit my aunt on holiday.

b) Say:

• what happened in your family some time ago;

• what makes your family experience up to now;

• what events might happen in your family in the near future;

• what your family’s future plans and arrangements are.

Example: My cousins were at the seaside with us last summer.

IV. Word Smart

Family Members

Family member’s characteristics

granny (grandma)


granddad (grandpa)








on one’s side

everybody’s pet

on the father’s/mother’s side



to be the heart of the family


to look after a baby


to be fond of…


something you can’t do without


to enjoy every minute of one’s stay


to get to know relatives

Study these words and word combinations and:

a) Say what you call:

- your mother’s sister; It is my aunt.

- your mother’s brother;

- your aunt’s son;

- your uncle’s daughter;

- your sister’s daughter;

- your brother’s son;

- your father’s parents;

- your mother’s mum.

b) Say how the members of your family can be characterized.

Example: My grandma is the heart of the family.

c) Answer the questions.

1. What new relatives have you become acquainted with recently?

2. What relatives on your mother’s/father’s side have you got?

3. Who is the heart of your family?

4. Who is very caring in your family?

5. What relatives do you enjoy spending time with? Why?

6. Who is the oldest/youngest in your family?

At Home: Take a family photo and describe the people in it (6—8 sentences).

V. Time to Read

1. On the website “Family Album Pages” Sonya and Kate displayed their family photos with some information. Read and match the information to the pictures.

1. Hi there! This is me. My name is Kate and I’m 13. In this photo I’m with my granny and my two cousins. They are my relatives on my mum’s side, namely, my aunt’s son and daughter. We are on a visit to our granny. She is the heart of our big family, very kind and wise.

2. These are my mum and dad. They are of the same age and have the same interests. You see them in the garden. Gardening is something they can’t do without. Now they are grandparents and spend more time with their granddaughter.

3. Hi, it’s me, Sonya. In this photo you see my elder sister Helen, her husband Boris and my niece Olha. Her baby is such a lovely little thing, so cute and funny. Boris is very caring and likes to look after his little daughter.

4. In this photo you see my two uncles on my father’s side and my father. The brothers are very friendly and like to fish in the pond near my granny’s house. My uncle Denis is the youngest and he is not married yet.

5. This is my niece Lidia. She is only six months old and she is very lucky to have a full set of grandparents (four) and all eight great-grandparents, too. The three generations above her have a combined age of more than 1,000. They are sure to spoil her on special occasions!

2. Fill in: older or elder.

1. My … sister is married.

2. Next year I’ll be one year … .

3. What’s your … brother’s job?

4. My father is . than my mum.

5. Who is … : you or your cousin?

6. Have you got an … brother?

Older - elder

Compare: My elder sister is 3 years older than me.

See First Aid Kit: Grammar in Use, p. 222

3. In the text (Ex. 1, p. 17), find and reproduce the sentences which characterize the people in the pictures.

Example: Lidia is everybody’s pet.

VI. Time to Communicate

1. Look at the family photos Kate and Sonya displayed on the website and speak about their families. Use the words and phrases from the box.

to get to know;

to be fond of;

in the photo;

to look after;

to be the heart of the family;

to be cute and funny;

on her mom’s/dad’s side;

to be of the same age.

2. In pairs, talk about your family members as in the pattern.


A: Hi … . How … ?

B: Oh, it was fantastic! I … .

A: Did you get to know … ?

B: Sure. I … and … and did you … ?

A: Of course. It was … . She/he is … .

B: Unfortunately … .

A: By the way, would you like …?

B: I’d love to! … .

VII. Time to Listen.

1. Listen to the girls’ talk about their family members and say what new relatives each of them has met.

2. Listen to the dialogue again and fill in the family trees for the girls.

Into Your Writing Portfolio:

How to write on a Family Album website page

-Start writing on a web page with a short introduction.

-Write as if talking to a friend or family member that is interested in your topic.

-Include practical, valuable information. Use your knowledge and experience to illustrate.

-Use short sentences. Then format your page to approximately 65 characters per line.

-Finish with a short summary.


• Hi there! This is me…

• This is my dad…

• Now look at my mum…

• These are my grandparents…

• This is everybody’s pet…

VIII. Time to Write


Hi there! This is my family reunion. These are my grandparents on my Mum’s side. They are the kindest people I know. We are all in their house now, in Durham.

This is my Dad, he’s playing the guitar (that’s his hobby).

Look at my Mum - she is smiling her charming smile. She is the heart of our family.

I love my family, each and everyone of them.

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