Англійська мова 8 клас - Кучма М.О



Lesson 30

1. Look at the pictures and remember the words.

2. Make a list of your five favourite free time activities. Make up sentences with them.

Model: I love dancing. I dance from the age of five.

3. Look at the list of words in exercise 1 again and say which leisure time activities are healthy and which are not. Give your reasons.

Model: To my mind fishing is healthy because you spend a lot of time outdoors.

4. Read the text about how people spend their leisure time and answer the questions.


There are four groups of leisure time activities.

Doing things is playing games, painting, travelling etc. Making things is cooking, knitting, embroidery. Collecting things is collecting stamps, books, coins, bottles, labels. Learning things is learning foreign languages, learning to play a musical instrument etc.

Nowadays people have more or less energetic interests and hobbies. They go in for dancing, sports, hiking, travelling, fishing, shopping and others. But there is a type of people who like lying on the sofa watch television, read a newspaper or listen to music. Such people are called couch potatoes.

How about you? Are you a couch potato or do you have energetic hobby?

Do you prefer doing, making, learning or collecting things? Why?

5. Complete the sentences.

1. Cooking, embroidery and knitting belong to … . 2. Collecting things is … . 3. Learning foreign languages and learning to play a musical instrument belong to … . 4. Dancing, hiking, travelling and shopping are … . 5. The couch potatoes are people who … . 6. You may collect … .

6. Describe four groups of leisure time activities.

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