Англійська мова 8 клас - Кучма М.О



Lesson 39

1. Read the dialogue, act it out and make up a similar one.

A: We are going camping. Would you like to join us?

B: I’d rather go on a picnic. I don’t have a sleeping bag.

A: We don’t mind it! Picnic sounds fantastic too! We can make a fire, cook potatoes, play the guitar. Good idea!

B: Thanks. It’s so nice of you!

2. Fill in the missing words.

made, played, went, cooked, sang, took, drank

Last weekend 1(1) … camping with my friends. We (2)… tents and sleeping bags. Some of us put up the tents while the others collected wood and (3) fire. We (4)… potatoes and shashlyk, and (5)… lemonade. In the evening, Ted (6)… the guitar and everybody (7)… songs. At about 11 p.m., we all (8)… to bed.

3. Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions.

1. Would you like to go on a picnic or go camping this summer?

2. Would you like to sleep in a sleeping bag?

3. Who usually puts up a tent in your family?

4. Can you make a fire? Who does it in your family?

5. Do you or does your brother/your friend collect wood?

6. Would you like to cook potatoes?

7. Can you play the guitar? Would you like to play it?

8. Do you like singing songs? What is your favourite song?

4. Ask your teacher:

1. if he/she went on a picnic or camping this summer; 2. if he/she can make a fire; 3. if he/she collected wood; 4. if he/she slept in a sleeping bag; 5. if he/she can put up a tent; 6. if he/she plays the guitar; 7. if he/she likes to sing songs.

5. Report the class about your teacher.

6. Look, compare and remember.

7. Write the sentences in the Past and Future Simple.

1. My mother milks the cow. 2. I am in Sumy. 3. They live in a nine storey building. 4. Her face is clean. 5. I have my birthday party today. 6. She goes to bed early 7. We get home by taxi. 8. My teacher finishes her work at 3 p.m 9. I visit France. 10. There is a fence round the private house.

8. Tell the class what people usually do when they go camping.



1. Match each English words and word combinations with its Ukrainian equivalent.

1. embroidery

а) подорож пішки

2. circus

b) комп'ютерні ігри

3. take photographs

c) вишивання

4. computer games

d) цирк

5. painting

e) фотографувати

6. hiking

f) плавання

7. carpentry

g) мотоперегони

8. fitness exercises

h) малювання (фарбами)

9. swimming

і) вправи з фітнесу

10. motor racing

j) теслярство

2. Read and choose the sentences in the Future Simple.

1. He plays football.

2. He played football.

3. He will play football.

1. I go skating.

2. I shall go skating.

3. I went skating.

1. They take up motor racing.

2. They took up motor racing.

3. They will take up motor racing.

3. Write five sentences about your hobbies.


1. Complete the sentences with the words which start from the given letters.

1. I like to play m _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

2. Outdoor activities are g _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ , w _ _ _ _ _ _ the dog and h _ _ _ _ _ _.

3. I disapprove b _ _ _ _ _ , k _ _ _ _ _ _ _ and do-it-y _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .

4. My friend takes an interest in f _ _ _ _ _ _ exercises, c _ _ _ _ _ _ , and d _ _ _ _ _ _ .

2. Correct the mistakes in the sentences given below.

1. I go shopping two days ago.

2. My father will go hunting last week.

3. We do crossword puzzles three days ago.

3. Write 7-10 sentences about what you usually do in your free time.


1. List as many words as you can under each heading.

sports / games

leisure time activities


taking photographs

2. Write five sentences about what you used to do three years ago but don’t do it any more.

3. Complete the sentences with used to or Past Simple.

1. We … for long walks when we lived in the village.

a) used to go b) went

2. I… to get to work, but I don't any longer.

a) used to drive b) drove

3. I never… Mondays, but I do now.

a) used to enjoy b) enjoyed

4. She… when she saw me.

a) used to stop b) stopped

5 We … first class

a) used to travel b) travelled

4. Describe the pastimes your classmates take up / disapprove.

5. Translate the English sentences into German/French.

1. My friend takes up squash.

2. We went camping last weekend.

3. Ted played the guitar.

4. I celebrated my birthday on Sunday.

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