Англійська мова 8 клас - Кучма М.О



Lesson 46

1. Answer the questions about winter.

1. What are the winter months?

2. What is the usual weather for winter in Ukraine?

3. What do people usually wear in winter in Ukraine?

2. Describe winter in your native town/village.

3. Look at the pictures. Correct the sentences.

Model: That's wrong. The girl is not reading a book. She has just read it.

The girl is reading a book.

The children are sledging.

The man is trying on a cap.

The children are skiing.

4. Write the answers to the questions.

1. What have you had for breakfast today?

2. Have you washed your face and hands with soap this morning?

3. Have you played computer games this week?

4. Have you heard the weather forecast for today?

5. Have you ever travelled by train?

6. Have you ever enjoyed the nature?

7. Has your father ever hired a car? When?

5. Write down 5-7 sentences about how you usually spend your leisure time in winter.

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