Англійська мова 8 клас - Кучма М.О



Lesson 69

1. Make up five questions using the table. Write them down in your exercise book.














a letter

to music

the piano


a book


at the moment?

2. Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions.

1. What lessons do you have on Monday?

2. What lesson are you having now?

4. Do you watch television?

5. Are you watching television now?

6. Can your mother milk a cow?

7. Is she milking a cow now?

8. Do you have a daybook?

9. Do you visit your grandparents?

10. Are you visiting them now?

3. a) Read and say what the man’s name is, what his job is, what he does every day and what he is doing now.

Hello! My name’s Peter Fox. I'm a driver for Ford Company. I drive a truck. I'm not working today. I’m sunbathing at the moment.

b) Give the same information about your aunt/uncle.

4. Read the text. Copy out the problems and their reasons.

People say that children have changed for the worse over the years. Now not only are they bored, disobedient and badly behaved, but they are rude and they swear.

Children are under pressure from advertising and from each other: the disruptive pupils dominate the hard-working pupils, which disturbs the whole class. Although their parents are themselves unable to cope, they must also take their share of the blame, for allowing their children to stay up late watching videos and not feeding them properly, so that when the children come to school they are tired and hungry, and unable to concentrate on their work.

5. Comment on the points described in the text. Agree or disagree with them. Give your reasons.

6. Do you know classes which face similar problems? How to solve these problems? Discuss it in small groups.

7. Write 5-7 sentences about the problems you face at school.

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